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Yes, if you haven't started to steady date them, but once you start you should be able to talk about different things. It would take several dates perhaps (if you are a shy person) to feel totally comfortable. Not all of us are blessed with total self confidence and a smooth gift of gab, so, some of us find it painful when someone we love starts to talk to us. Sometimes our minds could just go blank, or, if we talk, we are fearful of saying something stupid. We can also be afraid they'll think we're stupid or not attractive enough. Second-guessing ourselves or others is a very dangerous game we play in our own minds. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. If very nervous it's best to date with perhaps a friend of yours and their date and that way not all the attention is put on the two of you. The other thing you could do is go out to a movie, because couples usually don't talk in a movie theater. Then, when you leave the movie theater you can talk about the movie over a drink or coffee. There are ways around it. If someone loves you sometimes they prefer shy people instead of too confident a person and feel safer and more relaxed around them. Not all men/women like gabby or aggressive men/women, so just be yourself and probably what you may think is your worst feature (being shy) is endearing to them. My husband was painfully shy when I first met him, so much so, I had to go out on a date with two of his other best friends dragging along, but we had fun and I just let this arrangement be until my husband got use to me. It didn't take long and nature kicked in after that. Good luck Marcy Why not?I think it's definitely possible because when you feel intense love for somebody and they feel the same intense connection back than when the two of you get together there will be supernatural feelings..What I mean is you might get intimidated by them because these feelings will be new to you or vice versa.In another words they might leave you speechless or breathless.-DeMirci

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Q: Can you love someone so much that you are too afraid to see them or talk to them?
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How do you make a girl love you although you are afraid to talk to her?

You don't make anyone love you, you can invite someones love by being a lovable person, and if you are afraid to talk to someone whom you would like to love you, clearly you will have to overcome that fear, because talking is definitely the first step to any relationship that you may wish to have.

Can you love someone that you don't see and don't talk much?


How can you tell someone you love him when you don't even talk to him?

first how do you know you love him if you don't talk to him? and does he know you love him?

How do you distance yourself from someone you love and care about so much?

Talk to them if they love you so much they will understand just say you need space they should understand

What if you can't talk to someone about your problems?

You can talk to me at :) I'd love to talk with you if you need someone to listen to.

Do your boyfriend love you very much and his willing to give his life to you?

I don't quite understand what youre asking. But yes, me and my boyfriend share an equal love for eachother. And we're not afraid to tell anyone, or talk about it or anything. When you love someone, you'll know. Trust me. If you need more help or anything, please let me know. (:

What is mindless behaviors perfect girl?

a girl that is not afraid to talk to them and someone that will love them and a girl that respect them for who they are and they also need a girl like me swagg,cute,can cook,can do hair,and same age

What if you are in love with your best friend?

Talk to him/her 'bout it. Or try to love someone else.*

What does it mean when you dream about a demon who makes you kill people you love?

It might just mean that you have unresolved feelings towards people, or maybe you are afraid of losing the people you love, and it's a fear dream. Just remember to not turn bad thoughts into action. I don't assume you need mental health help, but if you do, don't be afraid to talk to someone until someone helps you.

How do you get someone shy to talk to you?

Go up to them! Don't be afraid! You talking will make them start talking!

What is a phone number to talk to someone?

Try 'zero'- the operator would love to talk to you.

What to talk about with your gf?

well about how much you love her or you can talk to her about how you feel about her

How do you prove to someone that you love him even when she don't talk with you?

Move on and find someone who cares ?

Why isn't Romeo afraid to speak to Juliet in the orchard?

he think that he would talk there love or relationship will break

What is the meaing of love?

Someone you can trust, talk to and care a lot about.

What does the metaphor you are a wall mean?

someone who doesnt react, reply or talk as much as most people, maybe someone lazy and doesnt do much, if you try talking to someone who doesnt talk much, it is like trying to talk to a wall

Is it possible to love someone cute who you dont really know but talk to every now and then?

I think it's entirely possible to love someone you barley talk to but you probably know everything about them.

What to do if your strong and afraid to hurt someone so you don't stick up for yourself?

talk to a parent or teacher about it

What happens when you cry to much?

if you cry to much u should talk to any person you love. get someone to help you put god in your life and he will make it better

What is the best way for me to confess my love for someone?

Tell them to their face is always the best way because they will know that you arnt too shy to talk to them If your too afraid, get your friend to tell them or simply use msn -A-

What should you do if you're 12 years old and your dad is in love with someone you don't like and you're afraid to tell him?

Sit him down and talk to him. Tell him why you don't like his new partner and work something out with him.

What ca you do if you love someone and you want to know if he loves you too?

talk to Them

How do you fight for someone you love?

Go to counseling or talk it over with that person.

How do you get your parents to stop yelling at each other?

well talk to them separately and find their side of the story. if too afraid, talk to them together or with someone you know will support you

How do you talk to her if she knows you love her but shes already in love with someone else?

maybe u should talk to her because she might change her feelings for the other person