Can you major in anatomy

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Yes you can by getting a bachelor's in Science with a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology.

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Q: Can you major in anatomy
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What are the two major groups which the topics of anatomy lie?

The two major groups which the topics of anatomy lie are Gross anatomy & Microscopic anatomy

What would you be if you were to major in Anatomy for example majoring in nursing I'll be a nurse but what if I majored in Anatomy?

Anatomist, whatelse?

Do you need to take Anatomy and Physiology for a psychology major?

Most colleges offer Anatomy and Physiology together.

what good is being a anatomy major.?

If you are studying and have a major in anatomy and physiology then you are looking forward on becoming a doctor someday. Doctors are highly paid individual because of their expertise in healing.

What are the subdivisions of human anatomy?

There are two major subdivisions of human anatomy: Gross anatomy and Microscopic anatomy. Gross anatomy explains the macroscopic structure of human body studied with an unaided eye. Microscopic anatomy explains the microscopic details of tissues and organs of human body. It is studied with the help of a microscope.

Where can female anatomy be learned?

Female anatomy can be learned at any major university that offers a basic course in anatomy. In addition, many local community colleges offer a similar course.

What are the branches of Anatomy?

Surface anatomy (morphology) Gross anatomy (macroscopic) Systemic anatomy (systematic) Regional anatomy Developmental anatomy Embryology Pathological anatomy Histology Cytology Radiographic anatomy

What are the different major branches of science?

There are many different branches of science like Biology or Chemistry. Physics and Anatomy are also major branches of science.

What are the major branches of zoology?

Some of the major branches of Zoology include: - Comparatice anatomy - Animal physiology - Behavioural ecology - Ethology (animal behaviour)

What major should you take to become a chiropractor?

Anatomy would be helpful or anything is the health sciences field.

What has the author Jones Quain written?

Jones Quain has written: 'Quain's Elements of anatomy' -- subject(s): Anatomy 'Quain's elements of anatomy, ed. by W. Sharpey A. Thomson and J. Cleland. 2 vols. [issued in 3 ..' 'Quain's elements of anatomy' -- subject(s): Anatomy 'Quain's Elements of anatomy' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Human anatomy 'Quain's elements of anatomy' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Human anatomy 'Elements of anatomy' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Human anatomy 'Elements of anatomy v.3' 'A series of anatomical plates' -- subject(s): Atlases, Human anatomy, Anatomy

What parts are most dissimilar to pig anatomy and human anatomy?

I think the major thing (internally anyways) would be that pigs have a coiled large intestine and humans have an organized one, differentiated into three parts.

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