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Can you make a 1988 Toyota truck with electronic fuel injection into a carburated engine?


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probably not. 80's computer systems are not forgiving. It is possible though, depending on the type of injection system. If it is the type with 1 or 2 injector nozzles in a throttle body that looks like a carb, then you might be able to swap in a carb in place of the existing body. It is still not likely however, since the engine management computer will not recognize it. It may run, but it probably wont run well. The computer will try to compensate for the inneficient carb. If it is the type with an individual nozzle in each cylnder, forget it. after all that, you would still have to deal with all the emmisions equpment on the truck and 80's emission systems are even worse that 80's computers. So, it might be doable, but the price and agrivation will probably not be worth it. plus carburetors are usually a lot more troublesome than fuel injection.