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Can you make a Pokemon?



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There is a program that you can do this with on your computer....but its very complicated because you have to edit the names and sounds of the current Pokemon on the GBA (Game Boy Advanced) ROM, which is a computer version of the GBA game....and in order to play with the Pokemon you'll need a program like VisualBoyAdvance which tou can download off the internet for free. By doing this you are hacking the game so when you play it might lag, stall, or freeze the program and you will have to close the program and try again. There are professional hacks of Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald that you can find on eBay.com or by googleing the names: Pokemon Quartz, Pokemon Chaos Black, Pokemon Perla, Pokemon Naranja, etc... Well I hope this answers your question.