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Q: Can you make a sentence with the word meander?
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How do you write sentence with word meander?

This is a gentle, evocative meander through a normal childhood.

What is a sentence using the word meander?

i like to meander through the store and look at all the displays before settling on what to buy.

How to use the word meander in a sentence?

Once the river slowed on reaching the valley bottom, it began to meander the short distance to reach the sea.

What is a sentence with the word meander?

(Meander means to follow a tortuous and winding course, named for the River Meander which did just that. )Examples :He was known to meander on foot through the streets of the old city.I suggested we meander along the path then stop and have a coffee somewhere.As the professor got older, he tended to meander through his lectures.

How do you use meander in a sentence?

When the car in front of me started to meander in and out of our lane, I suspected that the driver might be impaired.

A sentence with the word meander?

the snake meandered across the grass very slowly so the bird could not hear the snake slithering.

Good sentence with meander in it?

When I look for bright new shoes, I meander around the aisles until I find a pair I like

What are some Examples of a meander?

a meander is a sharp turn in a river. also the meander would of been eroded to make a sharp curve :)

What is a word for curves and winds?

"Meander" is a word for curves and winds.

What is a sentence using the word itinerant?

Birds, among priests, are very itinerant. However, priests do not meander from place to place due to weather conditions.

How do you make a sentence with the word psychology?

make sentence with the word psychology

What is the root meaning for the word meander?

The word meander (from the Greek Maiandros) is the name of a river that was famous in antiquity for winding. Hence the word means "to behave like the Meander" that is to wind and turn like a river on a flat alluvial plain. Said loosely of any irregular itinerary.