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Can you make chairs with shredded paper?



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Absolutely! This is has not been experimented as yet...but in theory: First you need plenty of shredded paper. Soak and stir in a warm water/elmer glue (PVA) solution. (Paper mashe) Stir until becomes nice and soupy. Pour in rubber mould...let throughouly dry---perhaps one month--unless it is baked. If you wish, some PVA glue/water over top to give it a nice finishing gloss!! And have a seat!! **Note, to prevent your new green chair from collapsing I recommend choosing a chair design that can withstand weight--i.e. short legs/ or ottoman style** Your Chair may need some sort of supportive brace--or you can basket weave a spine for it out of newspaper or something.*** Try it and send me the pictures...and if you get to selling them, please give me a cut of the proceeds since I came up with the method. --Danielle Romain