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No, you need bread too...

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2011-06-19 12:51:47
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Q: Can you make french toast with only eggs and cinnamon?
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How do you make non-cinnamon french toast?

dont put cinnamon in it.

Do you need eggs to make french toast?

yes.otherwise it would just be toast

How do you make french toast without eggs?

The point of having french toast is having eggs in it. You could also try the pancake mix that comes with eggs in it.

Is French toast made with eggs?

Yes, toast is typically dipped in an egg mixture and then pan-fried to make French toast.

What can I make with 4 eggs and bread?

With 4 eggs and bread you can make egg sandwiches or French toast.

How do you make cinnamon toast crunch treats?

Boil the marshmallows in the pan and put cinnamon toast crunch

What ingredients do you put in to make french toast?

bread, eggs, salt, and butter

What is an alternative for vanilla in a french toast recipe?

A good alternative to vanilla in a french toast recipe would be cinnamon, sugar (white or brown), or All Spice. Alternatively, you could make savory French Toast by using salt or chilli powder.

Can you make french toast without bread?

Yes it is called French Eggs and it is a delicacy here in the United States of America. Actually, Rochesterians (where I am from) make this dish frequently when they are having company over for breakfast dinner. Just make sure you spice it up right! LOTS OF CINNAMON . Your very welcome btw for this answer. Goodbye enjoy your french eggs.

What 3 things do you need to make french toast?

eggs, milk, vanilla, and bread.

Why couldn't the asrtonaut make cinnamon toast?

because he was out of spice

What ingredients are needed to make French toast?

The basic ingredients required to make French toast are eggs and bread. It is a very simple yet delicious dish that can be quickly made by even the most novice cook

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