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Q: Can you make money recycling steel cans?
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How does an individual make a profit from recycling soda cans?

An individual can collect their soda cans and take them to a recycling stand, usually outside of a supermarket. This is a good way to earn money and help the environment.

Where can you make money for recycling aluminum cans?

In the US, at stores, like Wal-Mart, Meijer, and VG's

How could the two different types of metal used to make cans be sorted out for recycling?

Steel is magnetic, but aluminum is not - therefore if you have a pile of cans, a magnet will pick up the steel ones, leaving the aluminum ones behind !

Is recycling a Enviromental Policy?

Yes it is. Recycling saves a lot of energy. It's much easier to make steel and aluminum cans out of recycled cans than it is to make them from scratch. Same with paper from paper, rather than from trees. Same with glass. Same with plastic.

How much energy is saved when Steel is recycled instead of mined?

Recycling steel and iron saves 75% of the energy needed to make it from iron ore. Every year America saves enough from recycling steel to provide Los Angeles with electricity for ten years! Or 18 million households for one year!In 1996 US Steelmakers remelted almost 19 billion steel cans (58% of all cans sold)! That's about 600 steel cans every second.

How much money would you get recycling a pound of beer cans?

It depends on how much a pound of aluminum is going for. The fact that they're beer cans won't make any difference.

Is recycling used aluminum cans to make new aluminum cans a physical or chemical change?

Chemical change

How can kids make money easily?

No one makes money easily. You need a to work for it. Mow lawns, collect cans for recycling, deliver papers, work weekends or evenings.

What do recycled steel and aluminum cans make?

Steel and aluminum cans contribute to the production of anything from cars to paperclips. Aluminum cans are also recycled into a lot more aluminum cans.

How many cans can a can maker make if a can maker can make cans?

A can maker can make all the cans he can, 'cause a can maker can make cans. But if it's tin cans the can maker really wants to make, he'll hafta buy lots of steel.

Can you make money off of recycling?

yes you can by giving it to a recycling company.

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