Can you make ugly faces at dogs in Oklahoma?

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No it is illegal
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What makes someone ugly?

It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, its the inside that counts. BE NICE! Ugly is what comes out of peoples mouths when they are being particularly nasty.

Do braces make you ugly?

No , braces are just things on your teeth , they make your face no different only when you smile you can see them , and you can get invisible braces now x Braces are temporary. Most intelligent individuals see through them and don't believe them to be distracting. And the end results is that they ( Full Answer )

Do glasses make a person ugly?

No. I wear glasses, and I'm absolutely gorgeous. I'm female, and I have never had an issue with people thinking that I was unattractive. Do take a few minutes to choose your frames well. They do make a difference in your appearance, and just like choosing makeup well, glasses must be chosen in the s ( Full Answer )

Why does your dog make dumb faces at you?

I'm sure at some point that dog has wondered why its human is making a face at him or her. Dogs are expressive, emotional creatures.

What is 'You have an ugly face' when translated from English to Italian?

Hai una brutta faccia! is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "You have an ugly face!" The declarative/exclamatory statement also translates as "You have one homely face!" in English. The pronunciation will be "eye OO-na BROOT-ta FAT-tcha" in Italian.

How do you make yourself not ugly?

First may I start off by saying that no one is ugly. Everyone is different, everyone is unique. I am a teenager and I have come to realize that there will always be someone prettier than I. But my question is that why should people be judging you from the outside anyways. Personal cleanliness and hy ( Full Answer )

Does acne make you ugly?

I mean, everyone pretty much has to go through some acne in their life. It's just part of nature and how our body works. It is your own opinion on how you portray people with acne. People can judge and say it is gross, but in all reality, they should just except the fact that most people can't help ( Full Answer )

Are birthmarks on your face ugly?

Nope, I have one, and I used to HATE it. but now I realize that its part of me. and i gotta love it sooner or later cuz its not going anywhere :)

What is 'ugly face' when translated from English to Italian?

Brutta faccia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "ugly face." The feminine singular adjective and noun also translate as "homely face" in English. The pronunciation will be "BROOT-ta FAT-tcha" in Italian.

Does weed make you ugly?

No, marijuana will not make you ugly. . Some drugs will change your appearance, make you gaunt, or create scabby skin, such as meth or crack. These are heavier drugs. Marijuana does not have this effect. . However, like smoking tobacco or constantly using a straw, it can eventually cause lines a ( Full Answer )

What makes Oklahoma unique?

Oklahoma is the 46th state it was part of the Louisiana purchase Oklahoma means "Red People"

Does meth make you ugly?

Very.. After just a few days you'll look different because offactors such as high blood pressure, little to no eating, little tono sleeping, and apathy towards things just as hygiene andgrooming. Abstinence can get you the looks back for that, it won't,however, for prolonged use. Prolonged use can m ( Full Answer )

What are the characteristics that make an ugly person ugly?

People might disagree but NOBODY is ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. nobody is ugly for we are the gods and goddesses of our own kingdoms and there everyone is perfect Everyone is perfect in his or her own way :0) different people find different things 'ugly'. apparantly scientifically ( Full Answer )

What dog is ugly and fat?

a very ugly dog called christopher leon cruz that lives with Marco and his mom and his other brother from another mother with a green glutter and a cup of butter JK HA HA

How much does a CNA make in Oklahoma?

In the state of Oklahoma, the average yearly salary for a CNA is$23,000. The average annual income for a CNA in Idaho is $16,000.

I have been to the underworld got all on camera Hades candles making writing of old bible code thousands of orb with faces in them his dog i followed the star faces ugly faces in walls with horns?

i have broke the myth of Hades the underworld i have the hole thing on camera i went there bye mistake i got Hades him self his dog at the entrance of the cave as it has only one head souls or orbs thousands of them they also have faces in the orbs orbs moving as well candles going ten feet into the ( Full Answer )

Does tears make you ugly?

no tears does not make you ugly it only gives you bags but they will go away in awhile

What does a blackjack dealer in Oklahoma make?

It depends on the casino and it's location. The one I work at, I make minimum wage plus tips. The least I've made is around $18 an hour, usually weekdays. The most I've made is around $30 an hour, usually holidays and weekend events.

Does wearing glasses make you ugly?

"Only if your Stephanie Sheedy ." Whoever wrote this answer is wrong.Stephanie Sheedy, I hope you didnt get offended. The real answer is what you think people with glasses look like.

If you are ugly and you know you are and someone else is ugly but you say that they are ugly what does that make you?

When a person calls another person ugly they are immature, hurtful, spiteful and insecure. The one individual that is ugly and calling another person ugly may do so because they are hurt, frustrated and don't feel they fit in with their peers; so by calling someone else ugly they feel more superior ( Full Answer )

Why did God make ugly people?

1. It's because people say that you had a previous life bofore this life and it keeps going on and on. In your previous life, if you were bad (say a criminal or what not) then your next life would make you ugly. If your previous life was good (say you saved someones life or something) your next life ( Full Answer )

What makes a boy ugly?

It's not mathematical formula if that's what you're looking for. There are a lot of things that make a guy ugly. You could make things right up on the spot that would make someone ugly. You're looking for, "What makes a boy 'handsome'?".

Why do dogs get in your face?

If you mean this literally, dogs 'get in your face' because it is the way they greet each other. Dogs will greet each other by sniffing and just looking at each others faces. As we are taller than them, they will prefer to jump on us to greet us by trying to look at our face.

How can i make myself prettier when im ugly apart from caking my face with make-up?

DON'T cake your face in makeup! I'm sure you aren't ugly, but there are some very simple things you can do to make yourself more attractive. I know it sounds basic, but personal hygiene is the most important factor. Make sure your skin is always clean, hair nicely brushed, and invest in a good white ( Full Answer )

How can you make ugly clothing useful?

There are many people in the world who cannot afford nice clothing so donating them to a local charity like the Goodwill foundation is your best option. Making use of them as quilting or sewing material is another choice to use old clothing for. I also recommend that you keep any clothing that is we ( Full Answer )

Why are dogs dumb and butt ugly?

That's an opinion question and since most would disagree we can only speculate on why you don't like them.

Why are dogs so ugly?

They aren't. Well to most people there not. Its based on opinion. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

Are Pekingese dogs ugly or cute?

This is only a matter of opinion, as there is no strict definition of "cute" and "ugly". The answer will vary between different people, and will always be subjective. Please discuss your opinions in the discussion area.

Are you ugly if you have moles in your face?

My Personal Opinion Is That People With Blemishes Are More Than Models Will Ever Be... And Why Do I Say That? Because Think Of It This Way, 100$ Beautiful Face No Moles. 10$ Healthy Face Normal Blemishes. So If You Did Not Understand That, I Am Just Trying To Say: Never Compare Yourself To Models Or ( Full Answer )

How do you make yourself look ugly?

Well, "ugly" can be defined in many ways depending on personal likes and dislikes, however you can make yourself unattractive to certain groups of people. Possibly, to make yourself ugly to a group of high expectations you can strive towards looking completely different to the perfect people in maga ( Full Answer )

How do you make a puppy dog face on your keyboard?

you don't -Whoever wrote that last answer is mean and needs to get a life, here, I made you this to cheer you up: P.s you are very weird and you need to get a brain here it is, are you happy now. ---------_,=.=,_ ------,`=.-o---`\\___ -----/---o\\--(0-----O ----/-o----\\---- ___/ ----| ( Full Answer )

How do you make your self pertty when your ugly?

To me personally, no matter how plain or unsightly a person may be, they are never far enough to a point where there is no potential. A person that may have a flaw they would like to "diminish" or a person whom would like to "enhance" certain features always has the potential to do so with MAKEUP. W ( Full Answer )

How to make my face from ugly to beautiful and get rid of pimples?

Choosing the right face wash and using it every day will get rid of pimple's, dirt, and blackheads. It may take a will, but it works. When I say the right face wash I mean what works for me which is a face, neck and chest cleaning and clearing product called beauty control, you can find them at beau ( Full Answer )

Who sang the hit song Ugly Face?

The hit song Ugly Face was recorded by Nina Nastasia. It was featured on the album The Blackened Air, which was released in 2002 by Touch and Go Records.

What dog is famous for being extremely ugly?

There are a few dogs that are famous for being extremely ugly. The main one being the Chinese Crested dog. However there is no official table and it just comes down to personal opinion.

Where can a person find pictures of ugly dogs?

Pictures of ugly dogs, the poor things, can be found in many books in your local library. These pictures can also be found in magazines for pets or on many websites for animals, dogs, or pets.

How do you make yourself fine if you i ugly?

To make yourself fine if you are ugly you start with your confidence. Tell yourself you're pretty. You can also go and get a make-over and change you hairstyle.