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yes, but you have to have a computer to do so, along with the chip and wires to conect to your car; go to your local parts store and ask for one, they are expensive. Code scanners are not nescessarily expensive. You can buy one for less than $100 that will do what you need it to. If after the computer is reset the same code comes back, you do have a problem, even if its just a minor one. I have been told VW's are notorious for having vacuum lines go bad. I had problems with mine, wound up replacing them all for the piece of mind. A vacuum line will cause the check engine light to go off. If it's not a serious problem (like an over-active O2 sensor) you can try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes or so. This should cause the engines computer to reset itself. If there is something seriously wrong, the light will come back on shortly after you start driving the car again. 2 weeks after I bought my 1.8T the light came on. The dealership told me not to really worry about it unless it is flashing. It can be something as simple as your gas-cap not being on right and affecting your air-fuel mixture. Go to AutoZone if there is one in town. They can check this out with there computer and it will not cost you any thing.

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Q: Can you manually turn off your Check engine light with out going to a shop They told you it came on because of a fuel air mixture sensor but there is nothing wrong with the car?
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Has nothing to do with the HP, and depends entirely on engine make and model.

What is engine choke?

Choke is a mode of air/fuel mixing that causes a rich mixture (meaning a lot of fuel). This is often used upon starting the engine. it is applied manually in older cars, but newer cars have an ECM to control such functions.

Do you need to rest the check engine after an oil change?

The Check Engine light has nothing to do with oil changes and if it is on you have an emissions problem. The Maintenance Required light indicates you need an oil change. You must reset that light manually.

Why is a cars engine called an intern all combustion engine?

Because it operates through the combustion of a fuel and air mixture, and this reaction occurs within the engine block.

What is the setting of mixture screw on throttle body of a 1995 ka24 NISSAN engine?

If it's an EFI engine you do not adjust the mixture screw. The mixture is computer controlled.

What causes engine lite to stay on?

It doesn't automatically go off just because you have it serviced or something. They actually need to be reset manually after it comes on.

How do you check for engine hydrolock?

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Why does the 2001 Jeep Cherokee Check Engine Light not come on?

Why would you want it to come on. Its not on because theres nothing wrong with your engine.

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What is the fuel mixture for Yamaha 40 hp 2 stroke outboard engine?

The fuel mixture for a Yamaha 40 hp 2 stroke outboard engine is 50:1, gas, oil mixture. You should use new gas when you get the engine ready for the season.

Is gasoline mixture or a compound?

Gasoline is a mixture of fuel, combustion aids, and engine cleaning detergents.

Why 2 stroke engine want mixture of petrol and oil?

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What is the fuel mixture for Briggs and stratton petrol mower?

There is not really a set fuel air mixture. Each engine will be different even if they are the same engine during the build process they are set specifically to the engine.

Why rich mixture used during starting of engine?

There is no Oil lubricating your engine at a cold start up, so a rich mixture is used to try eliminating any scouring on your (internal) engine components.

Will manually clearing the check engine light cause the OBD to not be ready for emissions test?


What is the copression ratio of patrol engine?

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Why does your car turn on with out the pedal down?

What car, what pedal? Because you turned the ignition on and started the engine. Now if you are asking why and how a car can start without pressing the accelerator? It is because that todays cars are fuel injected and computer controlled. The computer handles the air/fuel mixture at startup. It enriches the mixture at startup and then after the engine is warm, leans the mixture to the proper setting. if you've got a manual tranny its because there is an ignition button that is prolly stuck down. Located where the clutch meets the floor.

What is a 350 bored 4.00 over?

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What happens if water is poured in the engine oil compartment?

when the engine is run the oil and water will make a thick pudding like mixture that will not lubricate the engine, you will need to change the oil and filter again. ( this mixture can clog the filter ) You may also need to do an engine cleaning procedure as well, that mixture will stick to everything and be there after several oil changes.

Does the cubic capacity of a dirt bikes engine have to do with the size of the bike?

The size (height and weight) has nothing to do with the engine size. "cc" is shorthand for cubic centimeter. Displacement measures how many cubic centimeters of the air-fuel mixture moves through one rotation of an engine cycle (each piston moving from top to bottom). For example, if one rotation of the pistons moves 125 cc of the fuel-air mixture through the system, then you have a 125 cc engine.

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The Check Engine Light has nothing to do with oil changes. It is on because there is a problem with the emissions system.

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