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A minor cannot leave the home of the custodial parent without that parent's permission. The noncustodial parent can petition the court for custody rights pertaining to the minor child. Depending on the child's age the court will take into consideration the opinion/feelings of the child before rendering a decision.

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Can you choose to live with your mom if your sister has legal custody of you though your mom was never notified?

no because your sister has custody of you your mom doesnt have to know she is no longer your parent or gaurdian

Can your boyfriend get custody over you and your son if he is 19 years old?

Yes, when you marry him. No, he doesnt get custody over you and your son just because he is 19. If your married to him you and the boy are dependents, meaning he is financially responsible. Just being boyfriend and girlfriend has no legal boundaries. He doesnt just get the baby either. The mother usually has the inherent rights over baby unless father takes her to court to fight for custody.

Can i live with my mom even though my dad doesnt want me to. i am 16 and live in California?

You are required to live with the parent that your custody decree awarded custody to. It doesn't matter what you want. If your dad has custody and you run away to live with your mom instead, it's even possible your mom could go to jail for this. If you think you can convince a court that it's in your best interest to modify the custody decree and award your mother custody instead, then you can always get a lawyer to petition the court to revise the custody decree.

Can your dad stop you from moving in with your moms parents if he doesn't have custody?

No he cant he doesnt have any rights over you. if your mom has custody over you she can tho.

Can you get custody of child if mother moves out of the country and doesnt take the child?

I'm assuming you are the father and a fit parent and then yes, you would probably get custody.

Why won't my piranha eat?

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Does dad get custody of child if moms in jail?

Well when my mom went to jail my dad and mom had joint custody but when my mom went away my dad got full because he asked for it but if your dad doesnt say anything then nothing will probably change.. Carolyn

Can you force custody on a parent who doesnt want it?

Yes, there have been couple who argued who was getting stuck with the kids. Usually because both had professions that left them little time for children.

How far does Bella Thorne live away from California?

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What is the difference of custody and guardingship?

I have a legal court order giving me custody of my grandaughter because the parents are unfit, what are my responiblities and do they have any say in the matter and no visitation was ever set/ not does the father pay child support, he refuses to work and doesnt get locked up . can you help me with some answers?

Can a mother get full custody if she doesnt know who the father is?

Sure. If the identity of the father is unknown, the mother will probably get full custody, unless the child is given up for adoption or foster care.

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What happens when the child doesnt want to return home?

If you have custody the child has no choice. The police have the right to come and get them and return them home.

Grandparents have legal custody of child. Can the mother get custody if father doesnt agree?

That change in legal custody can only be accomplished by a court order. Only a judge can make that decision after hearing testimony. The judge will review the reasons why custody was awarded to grandparents and the reason for the father's objections. A decision will be rendered based on the best interest of the child.

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Can a parent with joint custody move out of the country without the consent of the other parent?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! With joint custody, both parents have rights and your son needs to find an attorney to make sure she doesnt move the child out of country.

How long does a man have to go without any contact with the child before you could file for sole custody and or terminate his parental rights?

in Louisiana if pne parent doesnt see a child for one year the other parent has full custody of the child.

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