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Can you notarize your own translations in New York State?


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No. There is no state where you can notarize your own documents.

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Can you notarize papers on sunday in new york state

A New York notary can notarize anything executed in New York. They cannot do so in another state.

No. A notary can only notarize a signature that occurs in front of them, in the state where they are designated as a notary.

A notary who is licensed by the state of Connecticut can only notarize documents within the boundaries of that state. The document can be used anywhere.

A New York State notary can refuse to notarize a document if he or she believes the document is fraudulent or that the signatory has not established his or her identity to the satisfaction of the notary, or if the signatory has not paid the $2 fee. A notary cannot refuse to notarize a document for discriminatory reasons.

I'm not sure about New York, but in the 1980s' my uncle notarized a document for me in Washington State with no problem.

A Notary in New York should not notarize the Birth Certificate. If a person needs a copy, they should go to the Dept. of Vital Statistics for a copy.

No. A notary is given power by his/her state and has no authority outside of that.

If the Notary's name appears anywhere in the body of the document that they are asked to notarize, they may not notarize the document due to the appearance of a conflict of interests.

Any notary. Most banks have one or more on staff.

can a ny notary notarize my dmv title form in ct

Yes, if she is a licensed notary public in New York State, although depending upon the nature of said documents they might be challenged as to their validity.

If a resident of New York has an official Pennsylvania document on which their signature must be notarized AND they are in New York at the time, the New York Notary CAN notarize the form. Just because it is a Pennsylvania form does not mean that a Pennsylvania Notary must perform the task.

It is New York State or the state of New York.

A notary can only act within the state which appointed them. Commissioners of deeds are appointed by a certain state to "notarize" signatures in another state or foreign country, for documents to be used in the appointing state. For example, a Florida notary public can only notarize signatures in the State of Florida. If the Governor of Florida appoints a Commissioner of Deeds for Mexico, then that Commissioner of Deeds can notarize signatures in Mexico, only on documents that are going to be used in Florida. This is how it works in most states, except in New York City, where a Commissioner of Deeds is the same as a notary but may only act within New York City, whereas a notary in New York can act throughout the state.

Check with the courthouse. The notary must personally know the person in the photo, and will have to state how long he has known that person in his notarized statement. He can notarize a witness statement by creditable persons in the community who state in writing that they know the person involved and have known that person for the length of time they state.

New York is the name of the state. The City of New York (New York City) is in the state of New York.

The purpose for the notarization is to "prove" the signature on the title as genuine - and if the signatory is in New York at the time they sign it - yes, they can.

NO, NO, NO. I can not believe that you are an actual notary and asked such a question. As a Florida notary you may only notarize within the geographical boundaries of Florida. Therefore, if you are in New York, you have no authority to act as a Notary Public.

New York is the name of the state. The City of New York (New York City) is in the state of New York.

New York City is in New York state. State capital is Albany , New York .

New York City is in New York State.

New York can mean either New York City or New York State.

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