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Can you open a bank account online with no down payment?

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AnswerYes,you can open a bank acct online without dowm payment depending on the bank you wish to transact your buisness with. More Opinions

Bank of America allows such things.

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Where can one chase down a lost bank account?

The first thing one should do is to contact the bank were the account is held. A lost bank account will have a account number and history, for example when the account was last used. Investigation can be done in person, or online.

If you write a check for a down payment and it is return?

It went NSF and your down payment is not paid. You will likely incur extra charges as well for the NSF not only from the bank but from whomever the down payment was for.

Can government look at bank account?

Yes, your government can look at your bank account or dhut it down!! - Feewet

What is meant by a current account deficit on balance of payment?

it is down

how do i get started need to start an account to save for down payment on my first house?

It is best to get a savings account with a high interest percentage rate return. Bank of America offers a great percentage rate for your savings.

If a balance in the bank account is overdrawn on what side is the balance brought down?


Setting Up Auto Payments?

Using an electricity bill online payment is a good way to keep from missing payments and acquiring fines. This can help you to keep your bills down overall so that you have more money to put in the bank. If you are afraid you will forget to go online and make the payments, however, it is a good idea to link the electric bill to be automatically paid by your credit card or bank account. The credit card is best in case you do not have money in the bank account. This will help you avoid any of those fines.

When a check is received for the full payment of an Accounts Receivable account which of the following steps do you need to take?

A check in most accounting is considered the same as cash and therefore it is treated the same. A debit to the cash account will be made to note payment of the account and a credit to the appropriate account payable account to bring the AP down to a zero balance. The check will then be deposited with the normal bank transactions and recorded as such in the bank statements for the company.

How much of a down payment would be required for a house costing 150000?

You don't ever have to put a down payment down (unless your lender bank requires you to), however 20% of the value usually is the norm. We bought our house with NO down payment.

Which advantages are offered by the Citibank credit card payment services?

Citibank cuts down pay bill with online bill payment. Citibank allows sending bills online to anywhere at no extra costs. There are also bank loans. Citibank also has a good interest rate.

What are the accounting journal entries to record a down payment of inventory in one year and the receipt of the merchancise in the following year?

debit down paymentcredit bank

Pete sets aside 50 each month from his earning to have money for a car down payment what is the best way for him to store the money each month until the meets his goal for a down payment?

I would personally put the money into a bank account so he can receive money while he's saving it

How do you use a mortgage calculator to figure your necessary down payment?

A mortgage calculator will allow you to put in the amount that you wish to borrow from the bank along with the interest. It will then tell you the monthly payment. The monthly payment will adjust as you increase or decrease the amount of the down payment.

What happens if the bank closes your acct down can you go to jail for that?

It depends on why the bank closed your account.No If:The bank closed your account because you did not use the account for the past few months orThe bank closed your account because you did not maintain minimum balance requirements orYes If:a. The bank closed your account because the account was involved in suspicious activities like money launderingb. The bank closed your account because links to known terrorists or drug dealers were found from your bank accountc. The bank closed your account because you issued checks to people without maintaining sufficient balance in your bank account

Why You Should Have an Online Checking Account?

It seems every bank out there is encouraging their customers to open up an online checking account. Banks have many reasons for wanting you to do your banking online. They may even entice you with certain small rewards like complementary checks or another free service. Banks encourage online banking because it benefits them financially. It is less costly for transactions to be handled by a computer than a live, breathing teller. The more people that are convinced to open an online checking account, the fewer tellers and other bank personnel needed.While it benefits the bank to have a robust online banking presence, how can an oline checking account benefit you?ConvenienceWithout doubt, this is probably the best reason for having an online checking account. You have access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't have to wait a month for your bank statement to reconcile your checking account. If you want to know your current balance, all you have to do is go online and view your account. All of the same services you would find down at the physical bank are available from the comfort of your home.Paying Bills

How much for 40 in 25?

The price of a home is $180,000. The bank requires a 20% down payment for 15 years at 4%. what is the monthly payment

If a bank has approved the loan do you have to pay a down payment?

that all depends on the loan, the terms of the loan. you need ask the bank not someone on here.

Opening a Joint Bank Account Online?

Opening a joint bank account online is a pretty simple task. While the process of opening such an account is very easy, since two people are involved there should be mutual agreements between two people as to the choice of bank and other factors. It is important to sit down with the other person and thoroughly discuss every aspect of opening a joint bank account online. For example, it is important to discuss factors like whether or not the couple wants an automatic savings plan attached to the account or not. This article will discuss the process of opening a joint bank account online, as well as factors that a couple should consider while opening such an account. First, it is obvious that a couple must decide on a bank prior to opening a joint bank account online. It may be worthwhile to research banks to see if any are offering promotions along with opening a joint bank account online. Some banks may actually give a couple a cash gift for opening a joint bank account online. Other banks may give out some sort of free gift, if a couple opens a joint bank account online. There are all sorts of promotions that are always going on with banks. The important part is to agree on a promotion to take advantage of. In addition to researching promotions available with the opening of a joint bank account online, it is very important to consider other factors such as fees. Many accounts may have high fees for the use of an ATM, while other accounts charge no fees at all. Some accounts may charge a fee simply for keeping the account open, while other accounts do not charge such a service fee. Also, a couple will want to discuss the type of joint account they would like to partake in. Different accounts give out different rights to a couple. For example, a joint account with rights of survivorship merely passes on the entire account to the other surviving member on the account. This can be a good option for married couples to take advantage of, without having to write everything down in a legal will (although it is always good to have a legal will on hand). Once a couple has agreed on these factors, the process of opening the account is simple. One will simply submit paperwork to a bank and the bank will likely approve a couple.

What is a down payment calculator?

A down payment calculator is a calculator that you use to find out how much down payment is required to make a purchase on a home of a certain price. There are a number of sites that offer the convenience of an online calculator. You can try as well as

Is a bank account needed to start a PayPal account?

You can set up a PayPal account without a bank account and can use your credit card alone, if that is what you prefer to do. If you are only ever going to use the PayPal account to buy things then you are unlikely to need to add your bank account details but if you are ever going to want to draw down funds from your PayPal account then, at some point, you will need to add your bank details.

How do you get your money when you sell your item on eBay?

Most buyers will want to pay for their items using PayPal so you need to have a PayPal account. Once the money is in your PayPal account, you can either spend it directly from there, or you can draw it down to your own bank account. (Sellers can offer other payment methods on their listings, such as checks/cheques, but if the buyer choses to use PayPal, the seller cannot refuse to accept that method of payment.)

What is the journal entry for purchase and made a down payment of cash and issued a note payable?

[Debit] Purchases xxxx [Credit] Cash/bank xxxx (For Down payment) [Credit] Notes Payable xxxx

Does the down payment for a house take money off the loan from the bank?

No, the "down payment" is made directly from the buyer to the seller and is on top of the amount loaned by the bank to complete the purchase price. In a sense, the larger the down payment the smaller the loan that will be needed, so it would "take money off the AMOUNT of the loan", but not have any impact on the repayment of the loaned amount. For instance, if my down payment is 90 percent of the purchase price, the loan only needs to cover the remaining 10 percent.

Is Bank of America open 1.16.12?

No its not, their online services are down too.

You had a checking account that your ex-wife changed the address and closed down She was not on the account and now has the money from this account How do you legally get it back?

If she was not on the account the bank should not have done any of this in the first place. You should check with your bank and as well as speak with a lawyer to see where you go from here. See the Bank Manager about them getting the money back from her and sue the bank! She had no right to change anything about the account if her name was not on it.