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Can you paint vinyl plastic fence?

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yes you can make sure you use a good primer then use latex paint

2006-08-13 09:04:04
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Where can one purchase plastic fence posts online?

You can purchase plastic (most likely vinyl) fence posts online from such websites as Buy Vinyl Fence, Buy Direct Vinyl Fence, Lowe's, Penn Fence and Home Depot.

What paint can be used to cover vinyl covered dry wall?

Vinyl or plastic based paint.

Can you paint vinyl shutters?

Krylon Spray Paints -- Krylon paint molecularly bonds to plastic / vinyl

What kind of primer do you use on new vinyl or plastic?

There is a brand of paint sold in most hardware outlets for painting plastic or vinyl . This paint does not need primer first. It is called Krylon Fusion.

How do you repair rubbing alcohol damage to plastic?

srpay paint it with vinyl interior paint or replace it

Can you use an epoxy-based paint to paint a white vinyl fence?

Maybe, but Krylon Fusion for plastic would be a better choice. And it involves no prep work. Turns out Zinsser Bulls-Eye primer will bond to PVC fencing, after which you can use regular house paint on it.

What materials made the vinyl fence?


What type of paint will paint on vinyl?

You need special vinyl paint.

What do they paint the dashboard of a car with?

On the soft vinyl you should use a vinyl paint and on the hard plastics use a epoxy paint or plastic paint. Make sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces to be painted with acetone or TSP then rinse in clean water.

What kind of paint do you use to paint a fence?

If you are painting a metal fence, electrostatic painting is the way to go. If you are doing it yourself, use an acrylic latex paint. It will hold up to the sun and will last longer and is appropriate for wood, vinyl and metal. Brushing and rolling will get the most paint on the fence, avoiding overspray. If you are hiring a professional to paint a metal fence, then electrostatic painting used correctly will produce the least amount of overspray.

What is the difference between oil paint and vinyl paint?

painting of oil is called oil paint and painting of vinyl is called vinyl paint

Can vinyl paint be used to paint the vinly straps on patio chairs that have faded?

can vinyl paint be used to paint vinyl straps on patio chairs

Is vinyl pool liners same as plastic?

Yes vinyl is a type of plastic

Can you stain a loft bed made of Natural maple paper veneer finish engineered wood to make it a darker color?

Sometime the paper is, vinyl plastic, check to see which it is, if it's plastic covering your best bet is to paint it with a (paint for plastic).

Can you paint over vinyl?

You can get paints specifically for vinyl.

Where does vinyl plastic come from?

The vinyl mines of Madagascar.

Caroline can paint a fence in 6 hours Her sister Lily can paint the same fences in 4 hours How long will it take them to paint the fence if they work together?

Caroline can paint half the fence in 3 hours and Lily can paint half the fence in 2 hours, so it will take a total of 5 hours for them to paint the fence while working together.

Vinyl Paint?

form_title= Vinyl Paint form_header= Paint with vinyl paint. How many cans of paint do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} What color paint do you need?*= _[50] What type of finish would you like?*= _[50]

How do you Remove griffiti from vinyl fence?

To remove graffiti from a vinyl fence purchase some pain remover that says it can be used on vinyl. Wash the fence with plain water and dry with a clean cloth. Then use the pain remover and a brush to begin removing the graffiti. When all the graffiti is removed wash the fence again with water.

Can vinyl paint be used on vinyl patio furniture?

Yes, it can.

What type of paint will work on vinyl fabric?

vinyl dye.

What is the average cost to paint exterior vinyl siding on a home?

The average cost to paint exterior vinyl siding on a home is $1800-$1900. Vinyl siding has to be cleaned thoroughly before paint can be applied.

What is the difference between vinyl plastic or PVC?

Vinyl plastic and PVC are often the same thing. PVC is polyvinyl chloride and it is a type of vinyl polymer.

Where do you get epoxy paint for vinyl awnings?

From a company that makes vinyl awnings.

Is there a paint for a vinyl liner?

no on paint! You will need to replace the liner.