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The short answer here is no. As a physicst for a company producing extruded plastic components. The chemical makeup of the PVC does not generally allow for proper adhesion of paints. There are some paints and particular formulations that will work. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of windows(not the company that you bought them from) and ask them to contact the resin supplier for you on this question. The above isn't entirely correct. While many paints will fail due to the fact that they cannot bond to the vinyl, using an alkyd primer, such as kils (reccommend using the spray can followed by thorough sanding and dusting), on the vinyl prior to painting your 2 coats, will allow you to paint the vinyl windows. PVC can be effectively painted and has been in Europe for years. The paint must be formulated with reflective properties such that heat gain will not exceed 60F more than the ambinet temperatures. Application of the new coating are extremely critical. The thickness of the "wet film" has to be of sufficient thickness in order for the coatings to bond effectively. Before the paint is applied, the surface of the vinyl should be cleaned with solvents such as Acetone in order to remove surface waxes and to raise the surface tension of the vinyl. As well, the windows must be fabricated properly to eliminate the heat traps created when frames and sash are welded as all good PVC windows are fusion welded. Several coating companies specialize in this type of product and sell it to window fabricators for application. Aqua-Sur-Tech, Blue River and Sherwin-Willaims produce these types of specialized coatings. The ability to have exterior colors besides white and tan is a great thing for homeowners and several of the largest fabricators with household names are developing their processes to paint their products. There are several smaller window fabricators, Harvey Industries and Amerimax are two companies that have been apply coatings for years with no negative consequences to the product durability. MGM Industries is another company that has installed automated equipment to paint vinyl windows. Many of the coatings are also low-VOC and some Zero-VOC based products which means that the coating are very environmentally friendly.

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Q: Can you paint vinyl windows
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What type of paint will paint on vinyl?

You need special vinyl paint.

What is the difference between oil paint and vinyl paint?

painting of oil is called oil paint and painting of vinyl is called vinyl paint

Can vinyl paint be used to paint the vinly straps on patio chairs that have faded?

can vinyl paint be used to paint vinyl straps on patio chairs

Who can I call top replace my vinyl windows?

Feldo manufactures vinyl windows. You can purchase vinyl windows at Home Depot. Addition information is available at:

Why are vinyl replacement windows better?

According to my research the reason why Vinyl replacement windows are better than wood windows because of the good quality. Also Vinyl windows have high reviews.

What paint can be used to cover vinyl covered dry wall?

Vinyl or plastic based paint.

Vinyl Paint?

form_title= Vinyl Paint form_header= Paint with vinyl paint. How many cans of paint do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} What color paint do you need?*= _[50] What type of finish would you like?*= _[50]

Can you paint over vinyl?

You can get paints specifically for vinyl.

Can you paint vinyl shutters?

Krylon Spray Paints -- Krylon paint molecularly bonds to plastic / vinyl

Where can I buy vinyl window fabric to replace the vinyl windows on my lanai?

All the answers I see refer to the newer 'vinyl windows' not the older lanai windows that held vinyl fabric instead of glass. I also need info on this...

Can vinyl paint be used on vinyl patio furniture?

Yes, it can.

What type of paint will work on vinyl fabric?

vinyl dye.

What is the average cost to paint exterior vinyl siding on a home?

The average cost to paint exterior vinyl siding on a home is $1800-$1900. Vinyl siding has to be cleaned thoroughly before paint can be applied.

What are vinyl window?

Vinyl windows have a vinyl covering so that will be no need for painting or worry about rotting wood. Vinyl windows are often double pane gas filled to give better insulation.

Do vinyl windows help with energy efficiency?

"Vinyl windows are reputed to be highly effective in energy conservation. Vinyl windows are a popular choice with homeowners because they are also inexpensive, easy to place and longlasting."

Where do you get epoxy paint for vinyl awnings?

From a company that makes vinyl awnings.

What would be the best paint to change color of a vinyl top table?

The best paint to use in order to change the color of a vinyl top table is vinyl spray paint. You will first have to clean and prime the table top.

Can you paint over vinyl wallpaper?

Yes, you can paint over vinyl wallpaper. An excellent primer should be used first, because some latex paints will not stick to vinyl.

Is there a paint for a vinyl liner?

no on paint! You will need to replace the liner.

Why should I consider aluminum windows?

The maintenance of aluminum windows is better than with vinyl. Aluminum windows are also better at reducing noises. Their strength is better than vinyl. There are a lot of pluses to vinyl windows as well such as cost, and the fact that they are environmentally friendly.

What are some good colors to paint vinyl siding of a house?

One thing you should know is that at this point there is not one paint company that guarantees their paint staying on vinyl siding. Generally if the vinyl siding is looking dingy you can get a power washer and clean them off to look basically new again. If you would like to learn the best way to paint on vinyl siding I would check out

What are the benefits of using vinyl windows?

They can be cheaper and easier to install. You won't have to worry about rot of the window itself and you won't have to keep up on paint or stain.

Can I save money by getting vinyl windows installed?

Vinyl windows are not very good for retaining heat. If you want to save money you will have to invest in double paned windows.

Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Since their inception, vinyl replacement windows have been extremely popular home improvement items. When an individual chooses to install these kinds of windows on their house, condo or other residence, they are actively raising the value of their home. If you are interested in investing in vinyl replacement windows, you will find there are many merchant and product selections from which to choose. Online shopping for vinyl replacement windows has improved over the years, making shopping online for these products quite simple. If you choose to shop online, be sure to check into the business history of any merchant you choose, as to ensure you are investing in quality vinyl replacement windows.

Can acrylic paint be used on vinyl?

No, it won't stick very well. However, a 100% acrylic paint will adhere very well to vinyl siding. Just insure that the paint you are using is no darker than the original color of the vinyl siding to avoid warpage.

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