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Can you pilot an airplane with a suspended drivers license?


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If the drivers license was suspended for a DUI or DWI no.


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PILOT's license, or DRIVER's license?? You can pilot an aircraft with a suspended drivers license. One has nothing to do with the other. You cannot fly with a suspended pilot's license or you are in violation of FEDERAL law.

In the US you must be 16 to solo an airplane with a student pilot's license, and you need to be 17 to be eligible for the private pilot license.

In the USA, you have to be 16 years old to get a pilot's license.

Some jobs that require traveling are:Airplane pilotTrain driversBus driversTruck drivers

Bessie Coleman is famous for being the first African American get a pilot license and be a airplane pilot. Also, she was the first American women to hold on to an international pilot license.

A female airplane pilot is simply a pilot. She could be a Captain.

Not if you're using it as the authority to pilot the plane.

Georgio is planning to become an airplane pilot. The complete infinitive phrase is "to become an airplane pilot".

Yes, a sport pilot license

Typically, operating an airplane is called "flying" and it requires a private pilot license (at minimum) from the FAA. - - - - - It depends on the kind of airplane it is, and what you plan to do with it. The licenses and certificates you need to fly a Piper Cherokee (single-engine piston airplane that isn't pressurized) are far different from what you need to fly a 747.

Yes a pilot can have a bead.

You can study Aeronautical or Aerospace engineering. Then you have to get a licanse. Then you become a airplane pilot.

You call an airplane driver a pilot.

The pilot sits on the left front seat of the airplane.

student pilot license = 16 regular pilot license = 17

To fly an aircraft you just need a student pilot CERTIFICATE. Everyone thinks that it's a license.


The person who flies an airplane is called a "pilot". Sometimes, they are assisted by a "co-pilot" and/or a "navigator".

airplane mechanicpilotco-pilotcaptinair hostessmanagercook

Raymonde de Laroche (born Elise Raymonde Deroche) was a French pilot and the first woman in the world to receive an airplane pilot's license in 1910

Raymonde de Laroche (born Elise Raymonde Deroche) was a French pilot and the first woman in the world to receive an airplane pilot's license in 1910

An example of work of a pilot: Someone who flies an airplane

Anybody can fly an airplane with permission from (and under the supervision of) the pilot-in-command. Presuming the asker wants to know about pilot training, you can begin pilot training at any age (although you will need to be at least 16 to solo, and at least 18 to attain a full license). Linked below is some more specific information from the FAA.

an aviatar is an airplane pilot

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