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Yes,if you update the game then you get an option for Nazi Zombies in the Main Menu screen.

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Q: Can you play zombies on world at war before beating the campaign?
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Can you play 2 player nazi zombies by beating campaign?

After completing the World At War campaign, you will be able to play Nazi Zombies with a maximum of TWO players. To play with the ultimate maximum of FOUR you have to play online.

Can you play Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty World at War without beating the game?

no you need to complete campaign to get it ( if you want it quick then do it on recruit)

How do you unlock Nazi zombies on world at war?

by beating the game

Are zombies in the campaign of call of duty world at war?

No, but when you beat the campaign on World at War, you do unlock zombies mode. You also unlock the map "Five" on Black Ops for completing the campaign, unless you use the terminal in the main menu room.

Do you have to beat campaign for world at war to play zombies?


How do you get zombies for call of duty world at war with out winning campaign?

Play on Xbox. You don't have to complete the campaign.

Do you have to buy map packs for call of duty world at war zombies?

Yes and no. Yes, you do have to buy the map packs for zombies. No, world at war zombies is unlocked when you beat the campaign.

Why does call of duty world at war not have zombies?

It does. If you go on the main menu, under co-op campaign it says Nazi zombies. Click on it and you can play zombies!

How do you unlock Nazi Zombies in COD World At War?

complete the campaign then you will unlock it

What should you get call of duty world at war or lord of the rings conquest?

get world at war campaign co-op campaign nazi zombies its legitally awsome

How many zombie levels do you unlock after the campaign?

In Black Ops, You get FIVE and Dead Ops Arcade by completing the campaign or typing in 3ARC UNLOCK in the computer, And in World at War, You unlock Nazi Zombies (you have to on the Xbox 360,PS2 and PS3) and the map you get in World At War after beating the campaign or with cheats (PC and Mac only) is Nacht Der Untoten, Which you can get in Black Ops by getting Rezzuruction,Buy the Hardened or Prestige edition of Black Ops.

Can you be invincible on Call of Duty world at war?

Campaign and Nazi Zombies, yes. Multiplayer, no.

How do you start nazi zombies on Call of Duty World at War?

you have to complete campaign first

Do you have to pay to get zombies in world at war?

AnswerYou have to beat the campaign to get the zombies. There are not any zombies on the Final Front version.

How do you play zombies without beating story mode for world at war ps3?

You can buy the addon that unlocks it.

Where can you Find the Wunderwaffe in Call of Duty World at war campaign?

you cant obtain the wunderwaffe in campaign mode, its only obtained on nazi zombies mode.

How do you unlock nazi zombies on call of duty world?

Complete Solo Campaign on any Difficultly

How Many Campaign levels are there in call of duty World at War?

13 plus Nazi Zombies. =)

How do you unlock nazi zombies in world at war for ps3?

Install the latest update or finish the campaign

How can you get to Nazi Zombies without beating cooperative in Call of Duty 5 World at War?

You can't. You have to beat the game first.

What is the difference from call of duty world at war then call of duty world at war finla fronts?

nothe answer is the campaign is different and there is no naxi zombies

How do you unlock nazi zombies in Call of Duty-World at War?

In order to unlock Nazi Zombies in CoD World at War, you must first complete the campaign. (Any difficulty.) Then you will have Nazi Zombies!!!

How do you get Nazi Zombies for Call of Duty World at War?

You get it after finishing the regular campaign. for the versions that have zombies (Xbox 360 & PS3) You do not get them for Nintendo DS or Wii or the PS2 World at War Final Fronts

How do you play zombies on world at war call of duty?

to play zombies on world at war u have to beat the game on any difficulty then go to campaign and mission select it is the one called natch Der untoten or house of the dead :D

Are there Nazi zombies in Call of Duty World at War?

yes, if you complete the campaign in world at war, this game mode should pop up on the main menu