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Texas fishing LicenceGo to a different state and purchase it there then take it back to where you live and just get it transfered.

You can pay an extra fee to have your licence expire 1 year from the date of purchase. The fee is high enough, however, that most do not feel it is worth the price. Go to for more.

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Q: Can you purchase a fishing license in Texas that expires from date of purchase?
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Does a 15 year old need a fishing license in Texas?

No. If you are under 17 you don't need a fishing license in Texas.

How old do you have to be to get a texas fishing license?

You don't have to have a fishing license until you turn 17.

What do if your driving permit expires in Texas?

You need to get another one, or get your license.

What age do you need a fishing licence in del rio Texas?

In Texas, a fishing license is required once you turn 17.

How old do you have to be to get a fishing license in Texas?

The Texas park and outdoor annual 2008/2009 will give u a full summary of regulations for fishing in Texas.

Does a 13 year old need a fishing license in Texas?


What age do you need a fishing license in Texas?

about 12 or 13

How much is a fishing license in Amarillo Texas and where could you fish?

where can you fish in Amarillo Texas

How much does a fishing license cost in Texas?

A saltwater is around $40, and a freshwater is in between $30 to $35. There all good for a year since you purchase them

Can you buy a Missouri fishing license in Texas?

No. Each state sells only their own license.

Can Native American fish in Texas without a fishing license?


Where can a fishing license be purchased in Texas?

To get your licence for fishing in Texas, Go to the Texas Park and wildlife Department Headquarters, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin TX78744.

Do i need a drivers license in Texas to buy a car?

A driver's license is not required to purchase a car in the state of Texas. A license is required in order to drive the car.

Do you need a fishing license to go fishing in a Texas state park?

Yes. You need one to fish at any public place

Can you purchase a car in Texas with an out of state drivers license?


How much does an Oklahoma fishing license cost for a Texas resident?

I know for the last couple years a yearly license costed $55 from walmart

Can you purchase a car in Texas with a learner's permit?

No, one can not purchase a car in Texas with just a learner's permit. A person must have a valid drivers license.

What age for fishing in Texas for fishing?

The age is in the fishing book, and you added a "for fishing" that was not needed.

What age do you have to be to need a Texas fishing license?

I just checked a local store that sells them and they said age 17

How much is a drivers permit in Texas?

As of 2014, a driver's permit in Texas for anyone under 18 is 16 dollars. The permit expires on the individual's 18th birthday, after that, the individual must apply for a driver's license.

How much for an out of state salt water fishing license?

It depends on the state where you want to fish. Try searching google for fishing regulations for that state.

Are seniors required to buy fishing license in Texas?

Yes and no. Depends on just how old you areYou do not need a fishing license/package if you: * are under 17 years of age. * were born before Sept. 1, 1930.{| ! scope="row" | 234 | Senior Resident Freshwater Fishing Package RESIDENT $11.00 ! scope="row" | 235 | Senior Resident Saltwater Fishing Package RESIDENT $16.00 ! scope="row" | 236 | Senior Resident All Water Fishing Package RESIDENT $21.00|}

If you have a Colorado driver license and get a ticket in Texas and then move to Texas and get a Texas driver license will the previous Texas ticket appear on your new Texas license?

Simply... yes.

How do you renew a license in another state?

i have a California license and i need to get a license (online) from Texas.

Where can i get a list of violations for points against a Texas cdl license?

Go to the DMV (or equivalent agency) in Texas and purchase a copy of your MVR (motor vehicle report).