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It depends on what state you are in i think. I know that in the state of Arizona you cant divorce has to be finally or other partner can make you sell and give them half of what you get from that new house..... Hope this helps

In some states property purchased, although separated, can still be considered maritial property. I would not advise it.

AnswerYes. However, depending on the state that you live in, this may not be advisable. Each state has its own laws regarding marital asset division. As the other contributor mentioned, a state like Arizona uses a "community property" approach. This means that any property or debt acquired from the beginning to the end of a marriage will be divided by the court. There are 9 community property states as of 2011, including Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The court's decision typically splits the community property evenly between the spouses, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Because of the potential for conflict, many spouses settle the matter privately with attorneys. If you choose to buy a home before your divorce is final, keep this in mind as the property you purchase will either be considered by the court or by private legal counsel.

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Q: Can you purchase a home before your divorce is final?
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Can you get a home loan while going through a divorce?

Maybe, but it's not the best idea to purchase property while you are in the process of getting a divorce. Highly suggest you speak with an attorney before you do this.

Can you auction home before divorce is final?

Depends on who owns the house, how the ownership of the house has been allocated (per the court) and if you have the consent of the spouse (if they are deemed to have partial ownership of the home).

How long does your ex spouse have to buy out your part of your home when your divorce was final?

This will depend on your divorce decree. There is not a standard length of time.

Can your spouse remove furniture from the home before the divorce is final if he does not live in the home any longer in California?

The division of the marital property should be addressed in the separation agreement that will become part of the divorce proceeding. Once it has been signed the property could be exchanged at any time of convenience for the parties.

Can you close on a home if your divorce is not final in Texas?

No. Texas is a community property state any purchase of real property should not occur until the final divorce decree has been granted. The exception would be if the property is being purchased jointly by unmarried persons, and the co-buyer whose dissolution of marriage is pending is not named on the title/deed to the property itself.

Can a spouse block the purchase of a second home by the other spouse who wishes to purchase independently?

You can issue divorce papers and get a judge to tie up the money.

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If you purchase a home by yourself while legally separated and later divorce is you ex spouse entitled to part of your home?

If you reside in a community property state, then YES, your ex spouse would b entitled to part of the home, unless it was directly addressed in a separation agreement prior to divorce.

If you and your wife got married in another country before both of you became an American citizen and you want to divorce where do you get your divorce the former country?

If you are now an American Citizens, it does not matter where you were married, you would file for divorce wherever you live, because your home state or your wife's home state would have jurisdiction over you and therefore your divorce.

How long in Alabama do you have to wait after a divorce before purchasing a home?

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If Married in Canada divorce back home will Canadians accept those divorce papers?

Canadian divorce law requires a residency of one year in Canada (continuous) from one of the divorcees. This basically means if you want a divorce in Canada you (or your partner) must move back for a year before the government will grant a divorce.

Can you purchase a home scheduled for auction before the auction?

You are not able to purchase a home prior to auction unless the auctioneer and/or auction company has provisions with the seller to permit such a sale.

What if you own your house before you were married then after you were married you refinance your home to put your spouse on the deed and the morgage then you get divorce?

You need to talk to a divorce lawyer about that.

Is a wife have monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce?

Yes a wife has monetary rights to her husbands home in a divorce.

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If your ex still lives in your home and you are still having sexual relations does that nullify the divorce?

I don't know about the legal side of it, but it sounds like the two of you have nullified the divorce in the way that really matters. If you are getting along that well, maybe you should talk to your lawyer and have the divorce nullified on paper too.AnswerHaving sexual relations with or residing with your ex-spouse will not nullify a divorce. Some other action must be taken. A divorce can be dismissed upon application by the parties before the divorce becomes final.

What can be done if ex was supposed to do a quitclaim on marital home according to divorce decree but didn't before dying?

You should call the attorney who represented you in the divorce. In many states the divorce decree ordering the transfer can be recorded in the land records and will be sufficient to pass title.

Stay at home mom gets what in divorce?

There is no generalized, standard answer to this question. There is WAY TOO MUCH information that is unknown. These things can either be agreed to between the spouses before-hand, or hammered out at divorce settlements.

Your mom and step dad bought a home in joint tenancy divorced stepdad died 6 months after divorce final does property go to your mom?

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Can ex enter home after final divorce?

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If a woman files for a divorce leaves her husband and then comes back home but still want to get a divorce can she still get a divorce?

Yes she can.