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Yes. You can be the registered owner of a vehicle and apply for license plates even without having a drivers permit.

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Q: Can you purchase license plates without a valid drivers license?
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Can a person without a license purchase a car in Florida?

I would think you could purchase the car without it, but without a license its going to be very difficult to get plates and tags for the vehicle.

Does your car license plates need to be the same as your drivers license?


Can you purchase license plates with traffic tickets?


Do you need an Arizona drivers license to purchase and register a vehicle in Arizona?

Yes, and not only that you are going to have to prove proof of auto insurance in order to get plates for the car.

Is it necessary to surrender out of state license plates when registering a car in California?

Not necessarily your plates, but you will have to surrender your old drivers license when you are issued your new one.

Can you drive a 49cc scooter in NV without a license?

No license plates are required for scooters or mopeds 49cc or less in Nevada. As far as whether you need a drivers license I'm not 100% sure but I would say yes because there is a M classification on a Nevada drivers license that is specified for motorcycle/moped.

Can you get license plates if you don't have a valid drivers license?

Yes. You can register a vehicle but you can't drive it on public roads.

Where can one purchase Harley Davidson license plates online?

Harley Davidson license plates may be purchased online from several different sources. Amazon have HD license plates advertised for sale. They are also available from the License Plate Shop and J&P Cycles.

Did the ford model t car have license plates?

In the early days of automobiles there were no license plates. Later one they came into existence as states started licensing cars and drivers. When depends on the state.

How many license plates does your car need in state of Texas?

In the state of Texas, drivers are required to have 2 license plates displayed on the car. One license plate should be in the front and the other plate must be displayed in the rear.

Where can one purchase personal license plates in Alberta?

If one living in Alberta wants to purchase personal license plates they can be purchased from the Alberta government licensing department. The information and contact information can be found on the Service Alberta website.

What do Washington DC license plates say?

taxation without representation

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