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Absolutely not. They are called fighting fish for a reason and should never be kept with others of the same species. They will fight to the death and if evenly matched both males' injuries may prove fatal.

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Q: Can you put 2 male Siamese fighting fish together?
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Why do Siamese Fighting Fish fight?

Siamese Fighting Fish fight because most of the fish are territorial. If another fish/Siamese Fighting Fish comes in their territory, the Siamese Fighting Fish will strike and start fighting until one surrenders, is almost dead, or is dead. This also happens when Siamese Fighting Fish are mating. Sometimes the female/male is too old or too young and if they are put together, they will start fighting. When mating, the female has to hide in plants or behind rocks so that the male will not nip on her fins.yes because they smell

Can you have other fish in the same tank with a Siamese fighting fish?

Yes, you can just not have 2 male bettas together.

Can you leave the Siamese fighting fish male and female together if she is pregnant?

The only time a male and female betta or fighting fish should be together is when they breed. Otherwise it's better to separate them before one or the other dies.

Can a female and a Siamese fighting fish male survive together?

No. Even if they spawn, they will eventually (and soon) start fighting just like two males.

How do you identify male Siamese fighting fish?

Male Siamese Fighting Fish are bigger than females. While females have dull colors and short fins, males have vibrant colors and long, flowing fins.

How do you tell if a Siamese fighting fish is pregnant?

Siamese fighting fish do not become pregnant, though they do breed. A female Siamese fighting fish is ready to breed when a white thing is sticking out just behind the ventral fin. The male is almost always ready to breed. If the fish are in the same tank, the male may flare, and chase the female. The male also may have built a nest of bubbles that float on the surface.

Can a male and female Siamese fighting fish live in the same tank?


How can you tell a Siamese fighting fish a male?

The male of the species has brighter colours and is a much larger fish than the female

Will a female crowntail betta fish spawn with a male Siamese Fighting betta Fish?

Yes they will.

If you put two male betta fish together?

if you put 2 male batta or Siamese fighting fish the will just fight or fight to the death but a female and males are alright together and soo are 2 females. its just the males are super aggressive.

How do you tell the gender of a Siamese fighting fish?

The male Betta splendens is a larger fish with much larger flowing fins than the female. You mean Siamese fighting fish? The males are long finned and brightly colored.

Can Siamese fighting fish make babies?

All animals can reproduce. Bettas are no exception. When a male and female are left together under the right conditions, they will spawn.

How do you tell if it is a male or female Siamese fighting fish?

look at the color... if its bright and colorful its a male. if its colorless its a female.

Can ram fish live with Siamese fighting fish male?

Provided you remember the 1 inch of fish to 1 gallon of water rule yes Betta splendens (Fighter) and Apistogramma ramirezi (Ram) will be OK together.

Will male and female Siamese fighting fish fight?

Yes, but only when the male/female is too old or too young.

Fish that kill other fish are?

Bettas, Siamese Fighting Fish. I may have missed some, but if your talking about small fish, I hve most of them. P.S. NEVER and i repeat NEVER put two male Betta together!!!!!

Can betta and fighting fish go together?

They are one and the same. The Betta splendens is commonly called Fighting fish, Chinese fighting fish, Siamese fighting fish, Malaysian fighting fish and just Betta. Two males will fight to the death and a male will kill a female if she is not prepared to spawn with him. He will also kill the female after she has spawned. So the rule is only one Betta splendens to a tank.

Can a non crowned Siamese fighting fish make a crown Siamese fighting fish?

If you are talking about reproduction then that would depend upon the genetics of the breeding pair. A none crowned fish (male or female) may carry crowned genes and throw some crowned young.

Can Siamese fighting fish be in a tank with tetras?

Chinese fighting fish cannot be in the same tank as tetras. These fish are supposed to be separated, unless one male, one female. Some tetra types can nip the fancy fins of the male Fighting fish, and there are some claims of fighting fish mistaking the bright colours of tetras for another fighting fish and attacking and killing them.

Would Siamese fighting fish eat their babies?

Yes. If they are left in with the male for too long he will eventually eat them.

Are there any Japanese warrior fish that can be with other fish?

If by "Japanese warrior fish" you are asking about Betta splendens the "Siamese fighting fish" then the answer is simple. It is only the male of this species that is renowned for its fighting and these male fish will only fight with another male of the same species. They are placid fish and can be kept safely with almost any other tropical species that are not too boisterous, because Siamese fighters are slow movers and tend to get their fins nipped and are often picked on in a community situation.

Difference between a male and female Siamese fighting fish?

The adult male is more colorful, has showier fins and doesn't get along with other males.

Can betta fish be any color?

yes the Betta Siamese fighting fish both male & female can come in many colour variations .

Do fighting fish fight with small fish?

The male Siamese fighting fish (or Betta splendens) will only fight with another male of the same species. Under normal circumstances they are a quiet, slow moving and peacefull fish. It is only when another male of the same species is introduced to its tank that the Betta becomes territorial and aggressive.

How can you describe if the fighting fish is a female or a male?

males have longer and colorfull fins. In the related links box below I posted the wikipedia articel on the Siamese fighting fish. It has pictures to leave you no doubt.