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Can you put a diesel engine in any type of car even a muscle car?


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You can install any type of motor into any type of car. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and how good the fabrication work is. There are many kits that allow for easy change and installation of different motor types in specific cars. I have done several conversions of muscle cars from older carbureted motors to newer LS1+ motors. The kits used are easy to follow and ensure a proper fit of the new motor and transmission.

If you choose to do a diesel conversion to a gasoline car, search for kits to make the installation easier or get ready to do some fabrication to the frame, new motor mounts, and possible center tunnel cutting into the cab of the car. The installation of the electronics that come with a new diesel motor is fairly easy to incorporate, just as the electronics with an new LS1 motor has...

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Rudolph Diesel in 1897. Go to wikipedia.org and type in "diesel engine" and it will tell you everything you want to know.

Augsburg, Germany The engine was known as a compression ignition engine also known as a heavy oil engine,this was actually designed by Herbert akroyd Stuart not Rudolf Diesel although this type of engine was named after Rudolf Diesel.

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Type of combustion is determined by the engine, not the fuel. Intermittent or reciprocating engines such as those found in cars and trucks can run on diesel. Gas turbines AKA jet engines can also run on diesel however they are continuous combustion engines. The answer to your question depends on the type of engine you have in mind. If it has pistons then it will be intermittent.

Depends entirely on size and type of engine...from practically nothing for small car to some hundreds of litres in large ship engine.

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