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no the turtle will die!

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Can you put a bala shark in with your red ear slider turtle?

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shark will eat it! Don't even take the chance!!

What do you need to have a red tailed shark?

A red-tailed shark female and a red-tailed shark male.

Can a shark be in the same tank as a red ear slider?

Red Ear Sliders live in and around fresh water. In the unlikely event that a collector has in his/her possession a Bull Shark or a River Shark then the turtle would most certainly be eaten.

Can a shark eat a turtle?

Yes. Here is a shot film showing a tiger shark eating a sea turtle. http://shizzville.com/tiger-shark-eats-sea-turtle No, the turtles shell is too hard.

What are the endangered species of the Great Barrier Reef?

Some of the endangered species of the Great Barrier Reef include:Loggerhead turtleOlive Ridley turtleLeatherback turtleHawksbill Sea turtleGreen sea turtleDugongHumpback whaleGrey nurse sharkSpeartooth sharkWhale sharkall 4 species of sawtooth shark found in the GBR

Can a sea turtle eat a shark?

yea if the shark is already dead:)

How shell protects turtle from danger?

So that for example, when the turtle is swimming, a shark comes close. The shark loves Turtle meat so it tries to grab it. The turtle terrifies and so, fall back into it's shell. The shell is hard enough that Shark can't bite through and small enough that Shark can't get in. After sometimes, the Shark would lose interest and go away. The turtle comes out and lives his life.

What sharks live in Aguadilla Puerto Rico?

The Black tailed reef shark and the Nighthead shark.

Is my Red tailed shark male or female?

Ther is no apparent sexual dimorphism in Red Tailed Black Sharks.

What is a name for a small shark?

Land shark. It's a Land shark. Land shark. It's a land shark. Get a turtle backback add a fin and, LANDSHARK!

Can a turtle be faster than a shark?

um, in land, yes, but i dont think so in water unless it is a unique type of fast turtle or a slow shark

Can a red tailed shark and bala shark exist together?

Yes, but make sure that you have a biggen enough aquarium. :/

What type of sea turtle is eaten by the tiger shark?

The Loggerhead turtle and Green sea turtle are common sea turtles eaten by the tiger shark. Although, the loggerhead is more than 50% more likely to be eaten than a green sea turtle.

Does a shark it a sea turtle?

Your question does not make sense.

Can a predator eat a turtle when its in the shell?

An alligator could eat a turtle in its shell, and a shark could eat a sea turtle in its shell.

What kind of shark is a all black with a orange tail?

Look up Red-tailed black shark, that might be what your referring to.

How does sea turtle defend against predators?

The sea turtle can actually turn to the side if faced with a predator like a tiger shark, which will try to get the shell or a flipper in its mouth. When the turtle turns its shell facing the shark, the shark can't wrap its mouth around the shell, so it acts like a shield.

Does a shark eat a sea turtle?

It can but it is very hard!:0

Can Red-tailed black shark be with angelfish?

Yes , they can if you have a big tank.

What is a predator of a Sea Turtle?

A shark can eat an adult sea turtle. There are lots of fish that can eat baby sea turtles.

What hunts fish?

Duck Shark Turtle PPaisley there are many more :)

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