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You don't need to rebuild it just because it has 50,000 plus miles on it. My 91 has over 205,000 on the 22re and 194-196psi compression. If you put a turbo on the stock block you'll have to run super low boost, rear; minimal power gains. To do it right you'll need to do a rebuild with low compression pistons, preferably forged to take the extra abuse. DO NOT utilize the ct20 turbo that came on the 22rtec trucks, they're junk.

You can turbo charger just about anyhting. I found this link in a few seconds. Go to, type in "Toyota turbo chargers". there are more there.

You can indeed put a turbocharger on just about anything. However, if the engine has more than 50,000 miles on it (it probably does) then it needs to be rebuilt. It needs to be rebuilt from the inside out, boared out, new pistons, spark plugs, the works. Yes, it's costly but if you slap a turbocharger on a high mileage engine, it WILL NOT be able to handle it and you will ruin it.

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Q: Can you put a turbo on your stock 22R engine in your 84 4x4 Toyota pickup?
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