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yes (some species). depends on the bowl size, too. check with your pet store about which species would be most appropriate

yes, i did it over 8 yrs ago, everyone gets along fine, all tropical with gold fish, and algae eater and i have sharks too. No problem, as long as everyone is fed no one becomes lunch.

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You have four goldfish and one algae eater will the goldfish eat the algae eater?

The only algae eaters that are safe with goldfish are bristlenose plecos. Weather (dojo) loaches can also be placed with goldfish, but they are not comparable to a pleco for cleaning algae (though they do clean some).

Will a algae eater eat a goldfish when they are alone?

NO, not usually.

What type of algae eater is best for a goldfish tank with four goldfish?

it doesn't really matter what kind of algae eater you get for the tank.In my experience with goldfish I've found that plecos work well although they get very big and will need to be kept in a very large tank.

Will algae eaters eat my goldfish?

It depends, if your goldfish are smaller than your algae eater, and big enough to fit in it's mouth, then very much so. If the goldfish are small, but too big to fit into your algae eater's mouth, then he might just injure them. But your algae eater shouldn't be so small that your goldfish could eat it. The rule with fish that I always go by is, if it can fit into it's mouth, it will be eaten.

Can algra eaters br put with goldfish?

I do not know of any Algae eaters that can live in cold water . Goldfish are cold water fish. So unless you can find some species of cold water algae eater the answer is no they can not be kept together successfully.

Can sucker fish live in a pond with goldfish?

If you are refering to the Chinese Algae Eater sucker, best not to put them in with goldfish as they might eat the slime from the Goldies body and cause scale loss and ulcers.

Why does an algae eater eat a goldfish?

Because when a Algae Eater becomes fully grown it likes to eat the slime coat off the other fish. ( NOT all Algae eaters though) for example the Chinese Algae Eater WILL eat the slime coat off the other fish when it is fully grown.

Do algae eaters eat dead fish?

yes algae eaters do eat dead fish because as i type this my algae eater is feasting on a dead goldfish!

What can you put in a pond for algae with goldfish?


Can you put an algae eater with a betta Siamese Fighting Fish?

Yes. The fighter is a top eater whilst the algae eater will spend more time on the bottom

Can you put algae tablets in the aquarium without killing an algae eater?

I suppose so

Can algae eaters live with goldfish?

Yes I doent see why not the alge eater should not eat the gold fish

Can a crayfish live with an algae eater?

No, it will eat the algae eater.

Do goldfish eat algae?

Yes goldfish do eat algae

What kind of fish do you put with a large algae eater?

you can put an algae eater in with any tropical fish, I even have a goldfish in with my tropical fish now for almost 8 years. Pet store say no but i beg to differ. 8 yrs going strong, gold fish, algae eater, angel fish, silver dollars. Some fish are more dominate over others. I have learned no matter what they are if they are put in the tank, all as new fish as the same time, they all get along. After one dies, then as time goes on a new one has to earn its peck so to speak, so new ones get picked on. I have an algae eater and a cat fish. all is good.

Can you put a algae eater in with a carp to help keep the tank clean?

Yes. I myself have a coldwater Plec in with my goldfish/orandas. Just do your research first, as I'm not sure if they will survive in an outside pond.

What is the best algae eater?

i think the best is a albino algae eater is the best.

Do algae eater eat guppy fry?

no,algae eater only eat algaewhy do u think their called algae eaters

If I have a 10 gallon tank with one male black moor fish in it what other type of fish could I put in with him.?

You could put in more goldfish. You could also try some White Cloud Mountain Minnows. If you want a Algae eater then you could get one or two Chinese Algae eaters.

Do algae eater wont move or is it dead?

if an algae eater is dead than it will definitely not move anymore. The algae eater could also be alive and just resting. You can take a small stick and touch the algae eater to see if it will move.

Can Chinese algae eater live with goldfish?

Yes, if the water temperature is between 72 and 82 degrees. Other than that they would be fine.

Can a goldfish die simply because the eggs won't release?

No it wont it just have its eggs and still live but don't get an algae eater if do, get one because they will eat your fish but it only a Pecos algae eater they will eat your fish they don't move in the morning but they are active at night

What family is a Algae eater in?

The Pleco is of the Loricariidae family. The Chinese Algae Eater is of the Gyrinocheilidae family.

Does any animals eat algae?

There is an animal that eats algae it's called and algae eater fish. One kind is called a Jerusalem algae eater.

If you have 3 goldfish and a algae eater what turtle wont eat them?

All aquatic turtles eat fish, even if it's too big toeat.

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