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Yes, you can put music on a jailbroken iPod Touch.

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Can you put music on your iPod touch without a computer?

yes you can just go to cydia and download mewseek if jailbroken

What is the best music to put on a ipod touch?

The best music to put on an iPod Touch is the music you enjoy.

How can you put cracked iPod games to iPod touch 2g by PC?

yer but it needs to be jailbroken. download the cracked app. double click on it. itunes will open the sync your ipod touch

What is a jailbroken iPod touch?

it pretty much is a ipod with like its seceriy and firewalls cracked. You can do stuff a normal iPod can't Whitewolf755894- A jailbroken Ipod or Iphone is a Ipod or Iphone with a hacked security features and it allows things like third party apps, third party games, free music, free movies, for all of this stuff u need a computer and and itouch and/or Iphone. Any Questions, You can email me at Whitewolf755894@yahoo.com A ipod touch jailbroken has 3 main things that regular ipod touches don't have. First you can get free apps that cost money. Second you can change your ipod touch icons. Lastly when you log in to your ipod touch the background is useally black on a regular ipod touch but you can put something there like water in the background for the ipod touch jailbreak. imfreak130--- When jailbroken, the ipod touch has more features then the non-jailbroken Ipod touch. You have access to third party apps that you otherwise wouldn't have on a normal Ipod touch. You also have full control over how your Ipod looks. You can choose from Complete themes, or you can build your own. Ontop of all of that, you can also download apps for free that you would have to otherwise pay for. ---imfreak130

How To Download Music To An iPod Nano?

How Do You Put Songs On Your Ipod Touch ?

To put music in an iPod do need a CD?

No, you do not need a CD to put music on your iPod Touch. The individual song just has to be in your iTunes Music library.

What is jailbreak on your iPod Touch?

A jailbreak on an iPod Touch is when a person has 'jailbroken' their iPod Touch so they can customize the lock screen slider and make chimes when they unlock their iPod Touch. It also allows the person to put apps in folders, and download something that allows you to get all apps for free (which is illegal).

How do you put songs on the iPod Touch?

You either buy them from the music store that's on the iPod touch, or you have to use itunes.

What do you put on an iPod?

Generally....MusicVideosPicturesGames (apps for iPod Touch)

How do you hide music on your IPod Touch?

You can't really hide music on your iPod touch. But you can sorta make your parents not see it by making another folder or a playlist and put that music on it. Or you can do that and put it in AA folder in a folder.

Why does it back up your ipod touch when you put music on?

What you are doing is 'syncing', and every time you sync your iPod, it will back it up. If you do not want to back up your iPod, highlight the music from your library that you want to put on the iPod and just drag it onto the iPod Touch menu.

Does mp3 music work for an iPod Touch?

hi no but you can put free music on ur iPod touch. just put then CD of ur coice into ur laptop and import then press sync.byexx

Can you transfer ripped music in MP3 format to iPod touch?

yes put it in your itunes then drag it to your ipod it will then be on your ipod

How do you put iPod Nano touch apps on your iPod?

Sorry to say, but you can't put apps on iPod nano's. Apps are only for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. But look on the bright side, its touch screen and you can put tons of music on it!

Can you use itunes to put songs on a jailbroken ipod touch 2g?

Yes you can you have to download appsync from cydia if you want itunes to sync your apps.

Can you restore an iPod if jailbroken?

Yes, but it will erase everything on the iPod, including things available only to jailbroken iDevices, such as Cydia, Winterboard, etc. You can then put all NON-jailbroken media back on the iPod by using a backup file of the iPod which is saved on iTunes.

Can you put downloaded music on a ipod touch?

Yes you can -- when your in itunes drag and drop your music into the ipod touch under DEVICES tab or if you have auto sync on your ipod touch enabled -- just drag and drop your songs into the songs library in itunes!

How do you put purchased music from Apple onto your iPod?

You sync your music to the iPod with the iTunes software (See links below). If you have an iPod Touch you can use the iTunes app on the iPod to purchase music directly onto the iPod.

Why wont your jailbroken iPod Touch charge?

cause jailbraking breaks i pods the only way to charge it is put it in dfu made or get a wall charger

How do you put music on iPod touch?

First you go to ITunes and buy the music you want. Then go to Music and you can hear your music there

What does a jailbroken iPod touch do?

With a jailbroken iPod Touch, you can...Put a picture behind your appsCreate folders to put apps inDownload third party apps that are not available in the App StoreCustomize the lock screen, such as a customizable slider to unlock and a sound when you unlock it.Type in cydia.hackulo.us/ for free apps on cydia which comes with every type of jailbroken iPodYou get themes for it a background Behind apps. The apps will have themes If you get the Nintendo 64 theme it has the n64 symbol on every appCalling Apps for Free

Can you put music on a ipod touch from different computers?

Yeeap you can but you just have to have the ipod computer cord, that you get with the ipod when you buy it. :) hope this helps.

How do you download music using an iPod touch?

You can use Itunes on the Ipod Touch and put money on your account. But otherwise, downloading music via zippy share or any other music download has to be done on the Internet.

How do you put iTunes on your ipod touch?

you put itunes on your computer or laptop, not the ipod itself. Then use itunes to download the music to your ipod. If you go on the apple website it has quite simple instructions on how to download itunes and music.

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