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Yes, you may put anything in a bag box like the wine. Can you do this leaglly? Depends on which state in the USA you plan to do this. Suggest you contact the carrier that will transport your boxed container.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-18 21:34:37
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Q: Can you put some rum in a bag box like the wine?
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What type of alcohol is goon?

Bag-in-a-Box Wine is called goon.

What does wine in the box mean?

Cheap. Wine in a box. well first you take some wine, and instead of putting it in a bottle, you get a box. put the wine in the box, and then you have to think of a cleaver name for it. wine in a sock, doesnt really work well and since the wine is in a box, maybe you call it "wine in a box" I hope this has cleared that up.

Wine in a box is classy?

Wine in a box is very practical because it minimizes air contact with the wine.

How much wine in a box of wine?

A box of wine is usually called a case of wine and will hold 12 750mL bottles. A case of wine would be equal to 9 liters of wine total.

What is a divot box?

A Jewish wine box.

Is wine in a box classy?

Never. It is cheap wine.

Meaning of Wine in a box is classy?

Wine that comes in a box is not usually a high quality wine. To say it is classy is being sarcastic.

What are some options for Christmas tree storage?

Artificial Christmas trees can be stored in a big bag or in their original box. The bag or box is then put into a storage bin or the individual's closet.

What should a wine gift box have in it?

A wine gift box can have many other things in it apart from the wine. The gift box can have glasses, chocolates, fresh fruits. At times, the wine gift box comes with pre-packed items, others can be directly chosen by the buyer.

How do I make a home wine kit?

You can pick up a home wine kit at a nice grocery store or most liquor stores. You could also check amazon and ebay. If you buy a bag of wine and a wooden box you can fit a nozzle in the tip and make your own kit.

Where can one go to purchase a box of wine online?

One can purchase a box of wine online at the website for a grocery store that has an online ordering feature. Some grocery stores with that feature are Giant and Safeway.

Can a monkey live in a box?

Yah if the box had holes and u gave it food and water butt if would like scratch the box until it gets out and wine alot!

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