Rum is a liquor that was distilled from sugarcane. Most rum is a product of the Caribbean and Latin American countries. It is also often associated with historical piracy.

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Calorie Count

How many calories in 1 ounce of rum?

It depends on the rum's alcohol content and residual sugar content. Alcohol has a calorie count of 153.2 calories per ounce. It is a carbohydrate, or sugar. A 40 proof rum has 31 calories from alcohol, a 100 proof rum has 76 calories from alcohol.

Additional sugars may also be present in some rums which can increase the calories per ounce upwards of 150.


Can you substitute rum for whiskey?

In some cases yes. For instance, if you want a whiskey coke but you only have rum, you can simply make a rum and coke instead!


Can you use rum instead of brandy in sangria?

Yes. I've seen sangria recipes with every liquor known to man, every wine known to man, every fruit known to man, and every sweetener known to man. Basically, use what you already like to make Sangria.


What was used to make rum taste better?

Mix it with Ice Tea. It tastes so sweet and you can't taste the rum but doesn't change the alcohol percentage . Works best with Lipton mango ice tea.


Can you mix dark rum and light rum in a cake recipe?

Yes, that wouldn't change the flavor by too much.


Does drinking alcohol cause dark spot on your body?

Yes, usually on the backs of the hands first. These are similar to "age spots, " but generally larger and they develop more rapidly and spread to the forearms. They may also appear on the face. These "Liver spots" are caused by a combination of reduced liver function and reduced circulation of blood to the surface of the skin. Thinning of the skin usually accompanies the spots, making the person more prone to bruising and superficial abrasions, which then take longer than normal to heal. Normally, the dark spots, for that matter, brown spots or yellow spots or whatever you call them, are caused by ultra violate rays of the sun. When the skin is exposed to sun for longer time, you get these spots. They are also called sun spots. These spots are also called age spots. They develop naturally with aging when their skin can't protect them from sunlight. But how these spots are related with liver dysfunctions is still to be established. I have seen so many alcoholics who don't have a dark or brown or yellow spots on their skin. But I have seen aged people having these spots on their skins. Any specialists can clear our doubts. Please do this. Thanks.


What is a good drink you can make with Bacardi white rum?

Something to kill the taste of the Bacardi, like a rum and coke.


How many calories one one piece of rum cake?

Depending on the reciped the average rum cake (divited into 12 portions) has between 400-500 calories per slice.


What drink contains peach schnapps and rum?


1 oz. Dark Rum

1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps

6 oz. Pineapple Juice

2 teaspoon Grenadine

Pour rum and schnapps into a highball glass filled with ice

Add pineapple juice and stir

Float grenadine on top by pouring into the highball glass over the back of a spoon


How much is a serving of rum?

One and one-half ounce.


What will happen if you mix vodka rum and beer?

If you combine those three beverages, the result will be a drink of higher proof than beer but lower than vodka or rum. If you drink a sufficient quantity of the resulting beverage in a short enough period of time, you may get drunk...


MySpace pirates how do you get a bottle of rum?

MySpace Pirates: To obtain the Bottle of Rum do the "Raid the port town" on the "Scurvy Dog Level". This may take five or more tries testing your patient determination. GentleguyofPA


Can you mix white rum with codeine?


Job Interviews

What are the interview questions on food and beverage service department questions?

f&b service interview question and answer tell me the mother sauses how to cleared f&bservice interview?


What is the best dark rum?

That's all opinion. Some people prefer to spend 10$ and get a plastic bottle and get trashed, I do not agree with that and tend to go with a more expensive bottle (always glass). However, as for a medium colored cheap rum, Sailor Jerry is actually quite decent and is very affordable (again that is more low-end rum though).

Food Spoilage

Can you freeze a cake?

Yes, and it stays moist that way. A family member is a baker, and she makes cakes in advance and freezes them. They will keep for about a month. but don't microwave or put in the oven to defrost them. just let it thaw on the counter.


Is rum or tequila better for low sugar?

Neither rum nor tequila has any sugar and they both contain the same number of calories.


How much more rum to substitute for rum extract in cake recipe?

Substituting rum for rum extract in a cake recipe is problematic because the increased amount of liquid in the rum can compromise the cake recipe, causing the cake batter to be too wet, thus failing to bake properly, i.e.: generally speaking, 1 oz. of real* rum extract is the equivalent of 2 oz. of dark rum or 5 oz. of light rum. If you prefer to substitute rum for real rum extract, reduce the at a simmer, over a electric burner or in a microwave oven until the rum is reduced by half for dark rum or one fifth for light rum. Do not simmer the rum over a open flame as the evaporating alcohol vapors could easily ignite starting a fire in the pot. If you must heat the rum over an open flame, supervise it constantly and have a tight fitting pot lid handy to snuff any flames. *Note: Imitation rum extracts are a poor substitute for real rum extracts. IF flavor is critical, try Cook's brand Rum Extract, its made from Meyers Rum. Bon Appetite!

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Citrus Fruit

What are the proportions for substituting lemon extract for lemon flavoring?

1part lemon extract= 2 parts concentrated lemon flavoring or 3 parts regular lemon flavoring


How many carbohydrates in Bacardi rum?

There are no carbohydrates in rum.



What is the sugar content in rum?

Rum contains no sugar, carbs, sodium or fats of any kind. 'Sweet' spirits have added sugar to the spirits.


What is in the medicine Ron's Rum?

just had a prescription filled for this (9-4-07) 50USD! so know what is in it.

60cc - Nystatin (an Anti Fungal)

60cc - Visc-lidocaine (to stop itching)

60cc - Benadryl (stop itching and swelling)

60cc - Maalox (neutralize acid)

It is prescribed to promote healing and shrinkage of gums after surgical removal of teeth.


How many calories does Bacardi white rum have?

bacardi rum has 50 calories per shot, obviously without mixer and has no carbs!! drink on my friend!!!


Does Rum Cay have animals and crops?

Rum Cay has regular house hold animals (pets). Additionally, there is cattle that have survived since the 1800's from the large population during the Salt Works historical period; perhaps 100 plus or minus. There have been a few horses on island in the past and maybe one or two now. There are no poisonous animals on Rum Cay.

The island soil can grow just about anything. Mostly we find only small gardens now but in the last two hundred years a variety of things have been grown. It is said that pineapples appeared here even before those in Hawaii. The island has seen cotton, sisal, bananas, palms and all manner of floral plants and trees.

The islanders still go through the bush seeking out "bush medicine" for almost ever cure. The island has seen scientist searching around for cures they also claim that is good for medical purposes.


When was the navy's shipboard rum ration abolished?

July 31st 1970


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