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You should be able to if the phones are from the same network/phone company and based on the same technology. (Size for instance) Although you will need to add the serial number to the phone companies records so that the sim will co-operate with the towers and authenticate you. Once added, all you have to do is call in and let them know you are using the other phone and they will switch you in an instant. Then you call back to let them know you switched back. On the action of switching, call first if you are using the cell phone to make the change. You should not get disconnected from the network until the call is terminated. Then you switch the sims. Try to make a call. After you have successfully placed a call, you are now ready to receive a call. It may take a few minutes before you can make a call. It used to be that you could not receive a call until you place one. It may be different on your network.

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Can you put a sim from a pay as you go phone into a contract phone?

The sim itself is pay as you go, so if you put the sim into an (unlocked) contract phone, it would still work as a pay as you go phone.

Should you buy a non contract phone or a contract phone?

It is up to you. A contract means you can get the phone for free, and get a new one when the contract renews. Non contract is when you have to buy the phone up front and put a PAYG sim in it

Can you put your contract sim in another phone and carry on with the same contract until the contract expires?

YES; as long as the SIM works in that phone.

Can you put a prepaid sim card in a contract phone and it will be prepaid?

Yes you can. . . .for example you can put a at&t prepaid go phone SIM into an at&t contract phone and it will still be prepaid.

Can you take your sim card out of a contract phone and put it into another phone and have that phone as the contract phone?

Yes you can. The contract relates to the phone number - not the handset. So long as the new handset is on the same network - or has been unlocked - you can simply put your existing SIM card in the new phone.

Would it work if I put a contracted sim card into a pay as you go phone?

will a sim card from a contracted phone still work as a contract,were you get a phone bill for phone calls used,when the contracted phone sim is put in a pay as you go phone

Where can one get a Sim Free phone?

If you want a Cell phone without a contract and SIM lock free, the cheap and best phones from reputable providers are from Nokia, HTC and Samsung. You can directly purchase a Sim Free phone from one of those companies, or you can buy one at your local Radio Shack or Phone provider.

Can you buy a to go phone and put it under your contract?

Yes you can. I have an AT&T go phone and all I did was put my sim card in the phone. No need to start a new line.

Can you use a telstra contract sim in a prepaid phone?

It all depends if the phone is sim locked. There are never any restrictions on sim cards only on the phones you can use them in. If you have a phone that you want to use was originally from Telstra either prepaid or from a previous contract it wont be a problem however if your phone was previously for example on a Optus contract your mobile MAY be sim locked. It is not always the case that the phone is sim locked (sim locked means you can only put a sim card from the same company that originally supplied the phone) When purchasing a phone the best thing would be to check with your local Telstra or all phones dealer if the phone you are buying is sim locked to a particular phone company.

How to find sim number from imei number?

You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone.You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone.You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone.You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone.

Is a blackberry Z10 compatible with an at and t Sim card?

A phone SIM card is built to an industrial standard, they will fit and work in any phone manufactured by any manufacturer - they all have and provide standard SIM card connectors. However, some Mobile Phone companies who "give" you a free phone as part of a contract deal with, them LOCK the phone to their service (in software in the phone), which means that that phone will only work with a SIM card provided to you by them. It is possible to get the phone "unlocked" or to purchase a "SIM free" phone which then allows you to use any SIM in the phone.

Will a PAYG sim card work in a Contract phone?

I dont think so only if the payg sim is the same network as the contract sim

Can you put an at and t contract Sim card in a net ten prepaid phone?

If the net 10 phone is "unlocked" and the sim card fits. Usually the phone needs to be unlocked network wise not pin wise.

What is a sim free phone?

A SIM free phone is one that does not have a SIM card included with the phone. This type of phone may not be able to be used with all networks. Some networks require a SIM card.

Can you put a sim from a contract phone into a pay as you go phone?

Yes. It must be from the same carrier, though. For example, an AT&T sim only works in an AT&T pay-as-you-go, not a VirginMobil or Sprint.

What are sim free phones?

walkie talkie is called as sim free phone

What is the advantage of having a sim free phone?

A sim free phone allows the user to freely choose what network they want to sign up to and choose what service plan they can afford. Another advantage is that you are not locked into a contract and being locked into a particular network .

What happens when a contract phone finishes its contract?

It Just Finishes and that's it. But You still can keep the phone. The sim has nothing on it.

What is the best deal on SIM free mobile phones?

The best deal on a SIM free mobile phone is free, from letstalk. Free is a good price for a SIM free mobile phone all you have to do is pay for shipping.

Can you activate an iPhone 3G with no contract?

You can get a "Simplicity Sim" from o2, which says there is no contract, but you can keep your number and phone. It is kind of like a pay monthly deal, except you can choose any phone to put the sim card and you can choose to pay for 1 month or 12 months at a time.

Can I buy sim free iPhone 5s and put the sim card from my metro phone in it?

Yes - if it's supplied 'SIM free' - it means it's been unlocked for use on any network. Simply install your SIM when you get it and it will be 'good to go' !

Do you put credit on the phone or the SIM card?

The sim card.

What do you do if your phone breaks and you are under a contract but you don't have insurance?

If you have an old phone sitting around the house go to the store and activate it (or if gsm put the sim card in) or by a new phone from amazon

Can you put a boost SIM card in a Verizon phone?

You can put a Boost Mobile SIM card in a Verizon phone, but it won't work.

Can a t-mobile prepaid sim card work on a contract t-mobile phone?

Yes. The other way around is also true... a contract SIM will work in a prepaid phone.

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