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who cares? I think they will eat them because i once had two little guppies and the next morning they were gone.

Answer- Yes, they will eat them. If they don't the guppies will die, because the stuff on the goldfish is like a poison for other fish. You should only put goldfish with goldfish.

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Which biome does a common goldfish live in?

Well, common goldfish can either live in a pond or home aquarium, its hard to answer precisely what you are asking because goldfish are not wild fish and don't really belong to a natural ecosystem.

When do pond goldfish lay eggs?

Usually in the Spring because the cooling then warming of the pond water stimulates goldfish to spawn.

Can goldfish be left out in pond with other native fishes and frogs?

Goldfish can be left in a pond with other fish and frogs. This might be dangerous if the fish are extremely large, because they can eat the goldfish. The goldfish will often eat the bugs.

Why dont my pond goldfish want to eat?

because it is sick

What are the top ten goldfish?

Out of all the different varieties of goldfish the top pond goldfish would be the koi, the top goldfish probably of all time would be the common goldfish, and the top fancy goldfish would be the Oranda. The second most common pond goldfish would probably be the Comet, the second for the common varieties of goldfish would be the Fantail, and the second most popular fancy goldfish would be the ryukin. The third most common pond goldfish would be the Shubunkin, the third for the common goldfish varieties would be the black moor(although this technically counts as "fancy"), and the third for the fancy goldfish would probably be the Celestial and the Ranchu.To make this data more clear I've organized it into a list:1. Common goldfish2. Koi3. Oranda4. Fantail5. Comet6. Ryukin7. Black Moor8. Shubunkin9. Celestial10. Ranchu

Can you keep a comet goldfish in a pond?

yes you can keep your comet goldfish in a goldfishpond.In fact having them in a pond is a good idea, as long as they are not subjected to herons and other predators, because this variety of goldfish gets very large: up to a foot! :)

Where can a goldfish live?

In a pond (recommended for comet and common varieties), or in a well- filtrated aquarium (NOT a bowl).

Swordtail with common goldfish in your pond?

A swordtail is a tropical fish and a goldfish is not. The swordtail would need a higher temp. than the goldfish. Depending on where you live it probably wouldn't survive the winter.

What is the habitat of the goldfish?


Can fantail goldfish live in a pond with other goldfish?


How goldfish can prevent the Breeding of mosquitoes in a pond?

The goldfish will eat the mosquito's larvae before they can leave the pond and fly.

What kind of fish can you put with goldfish in a small pond?

Koi can live with goldfish, but may eventually outgrow the pond.

Is goldfish plural or singular?

Goldfish is both singular and plural - there are hundreds of goldfish in the pond - I have a goldfish in this jar.

What did Poirot find in the goldfish pond?

This is a literature question not a goldfish one.

Can goldfish live with tadpols in a garden pond?

no the goldfish would it the tadpole

What are the fishes breed in pond?


When do goldfish breed in a pond?


Is it safe to put goldfish in my outdoor pond?

Some goldfish may be safely moved to your outdoor pond. It is best to check and see if the kind of goldfish you have are suited for outdoor living.

How do you clear green water in a goldfish pond?

Algae in a goldfish pond is quite common with an increase in sun (light) and temperature. To try and keep algae to a minimum you will want to look at ways to provide the pond with shade, and regularly change out some of the water for fresh water during the warmer months.

When is the goldfish breeding season?

Year round, but especially in Spring for pond goldfish.

I heard that guppies were a tropical fish. How did a ton of them get into my pond?

They are tropical fish. There are also wild guppies. If you have a stream or something running into your pond that is probably why. Or someone could have put them there and then they reproduced.

Can goldfish breed in a pond?

Yes. As long as the pond is suitable. Oxygenation is essential.

Can goldfish eat pond goldfish food?

not if it is your pet. you have to go to the oet store for certain pet food for goldfish

Do goldfish in a pond lay eggs?

Yes they do.

What can you put in a pond for algae with goldfish?


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