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No as far as I have done it and it didn't work it said that the files aren't reconised. Sorry you'll have to find some other way. Good Luck :)

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Is Netflix free for windows media player?

there is no such app for windows media player, but there is app for windows media center and it is not free.

How do you get songs into windows media player for free?

download free music or from a CD that you have already. Burn the CD into windows media player and then save it into your documents, then obviuosly open it in w. media player. Hope this has helped Good luck :)

Where can one download Windows Media Player for free?

Windows Media Player is available by a free download from the Microsoft Windows website. The current version available is the Windows Media Player 12.

How do you put songs from YouTube to Windows Media Player?

you can get soundtap or download a program to record your screen and then just record the audio from youtube and save it to music. windows media player! easy! it is free!

Is Windows Media Player 12 free to download?

Windows Media Player Twelve, the latest version of Windows Media Player, is available for free download on many websites. It is definitely possible to download it for free.

Where could one download Windows Media Player for free?

You can download Windows Media Player for free at the official Microsoft website. You can also download Windows Media Player from the popular download website CNET.

Where can one download Windows Media Player 11?

One can download Windows Media Player 11 from the official Windows Media Player website. The download is absolutely free, without any charge whatsoever.

Windows Media Player 12 Free Downlod?


Where can you download free window media players?

To download free windows media/DVD player go to All-powerful totally free media player for Windows Support DVD without any problem on Windows 10 Fabulous 1080P HD and 4K UHD Video & DTS 5.1 Audio Enjoyment Free external subtitle support & Free update service

Where can one get free Windows Media Player skins on a PC?

One can get free Windows Media Player skins on a PC from the Windows website where they can be downloaded. Examples are from Batman Begins, Terminator 3, XBOX Live and a rubber duck.

Is windows media player music free?

you have to download the music online

Windows media player 321 free download?

very good

Where do you find a free DVD decoder?

Use VLC Media Player instead of Windows Media Player and you have that issue solved.

Is there a version of Windows Media Player for Mac OS X?

Microsoft ceased providing Windows Media Player for Macs in 2003. There is a free WMV Player produced and maintained by Flip4Mac which allows Windows media to be played within the QuickTime player. (See links below)

Where can free downloads for the Windows Media Player be found?

Free downloads for Windows Media Player can be found on the Microsoft website. It is important to select the correct one for the type of computer and the operating system that is being used.

How can you download free Hindi movie songs on your window media player?


Where could one download a copy of Windows Media Player for free?

Windows Media Player is widely available. Microsoft's website has it, as well as other places like File Hippo and Download. This is a free program anyway.

How can you download a DVD player for free on your windows xp?

windows media player is out dated,there now is a free media player its been around for a while and works way better than WMP. It will play any type of video,DVD,avi ect.. without any additional codecs and its free.

Where can one download Windows Media Player Classic?

You can download Windows Media Player Classic from a multitude of sources. Two trusted sources for Windows Media Player Classic are FileHippo and SourceForge. Both have the program available for download, and have checked to make sure it is free of viruses.

Where can someone download Windows Media Player 11?

Windows Media Player 2011 can be downloaded for free from Microsoft's website. It is also available on popular downloads sites such as CNET and SoftSonic.

Why is the sound bad on vlc media player when playing avi files?

cause its free download use windows media player its better

Can you put Microsoft Windows Media on a Mac?

Microsoft discontinued their media player for the Mac in 2003 but Windows media files can be played with the Mac's QuickTime player by adding the free Flip4Mac plugin. (See links below)

Free download hindi video songs playable in media player?

Kumar sanu

How do Imix songs together on my computer is there any free software I can use if so where can I find it I want to mix songs to gether and put them on a mixtape?

iTunes and Windows Media Player can combine many different songs on 1 CD. They don't create 'remixes', which requires professional non-free software.

Do you have the purple people eater song for free that can be put on Windows Media Player?

No but you can put it on if you have limewire