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Can you raise Pokemon other than starters to level 100?

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Level 100 PokemonYes, you can. You can raise Pokemon over 100 like i raised my Kyogre over level 100.

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What level does roilu evolve in Pokemon diamond?

You need to raise its friendship not raise its level.

How do you raise your Pokemon to level 999?

you can't raise them to level 999 because the maximum is level 100 and anyway if a Pokemon could reach to level 999 I'm not saying they can, it will take a long time to raise them

Can you raise their level in Pokemon revolution?


How do I capture skuntank on Pokemon ranger shadows of almia every time I try I always lose?

Well,you have to raise your styler level. Like any other pokemon,just keep circling it. Well,you have to raise your styler level. Like any other pokemon,just keep circling it.

How do you evolve a Pokemon if it is at a higher level than its evolve level in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It depends on the situation. If you raise a Pokemon in the Day Care and its level is too high, it won't evolve no matter what. If you pressed B during its evolution, it will try to evolve again after gaining another level.BUT !!! IF THE POKEMON IS A LVL TO HIGH FOR EVOULTION THEN YOU HAVE TO RAISE ITS LVL BY ONE BY FIGHTING OTHER POKEMON a Pokemon wont evolve when its in the daycare

In Pokemon diamond how do you raise the freindship level of your Pokemon?

battle with it lots

In Pokemon where do you find Gardevoir?

Raise Ralts up to level 20 then raise Kirlia up to level 30

How do you get a level 50 Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to either catch a legendary or raise a Pokemon

How do you get the level 100 regigigas in Pokemon platinum?

raise the level 70 to level 100

How do you evolve your whishmur in Pokemon Emerald?

Raise it to Level 20 and it will evolve into Loudred. Then raise it to Level 40 and it will evolve into Exploud.

Can you find a Pokemon level 100 in a Pokemon game?

No, unless you have an action replay. You can also raise a Pokemon up to level 100.

At what level does ponyta evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

Ponyta is a fire type of Pokemon that you can get in Pokemon Yellow. If you can raise it to level 40, it will evolve.

At what level does Poochyena evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

Poochyena is a dark type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Emerald it will evolve if you raise it up to level 18.

How do you beat Groudon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

bring a water type or raise your level bring a water type or raise your level

How do you raise the friendship level of a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

you get a certain berry then blend,then feed

How do you get tyrogue in Pokemon Crystal?

you get when you first want to raise the level / deposit Pokemon and you get Tyrogue!

What level does budew evolve on Pokemon platinum?

you have to raise its hapiness

When does larvistar evolve Pokemon white?

raise it to level 59

How do you get a Finneon to evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

you raise it to level 31

How do you evovle elekid on Pokemon pearl?

raise him to level 30

How do you upgrade magiccarp Pokemon LeafGreen?

Raise to level 20.

Who is the powerfulest Pokemon in black and white?

There is no Powerfulest Pokemon, But if you raise them to be level 100 they will be really Strong, I have a Serperior Right now at level 98 And it almost beat the elite 4 for me. Also Try Finding Rare Candy's so you can raise your Pokemon to level 100.

How do you raise Pokemon in Pokemon emerald to level 100?

or u can cheat by looking here

Abra Pokemon indigo what level does he become kadabra?

Just raise it to level 16 and then evolve.

What level will corphish evolve in Pokemon battle arena?

Corphish is a water type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Battle Arena, it will evolve if you manage to raise it to a level 30.

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