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Yes you can use private student loans for anything but be sure and pay your school expenses first! Federal loans normally don't cover all of your education expenses so it will be harder to use those!

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Q: Can you receive a student loan for off campus housing that does not have to be paid back until you are out of school?
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Loan payments are designated for approved courses and books. Often the student must seek employment to cover food, resident housing costs. Universities and colleges offer employment possibilities on campus.

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how to apply for federal grants towards school,housing,and food?

i would talk to my student adviser and also talk to my finacial office to see if they can rool the cost of housing into your student loans.

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Depending on your school's financial aid policy/ies, if you owe no money on your student account for tuition, fees, housing, etc., then you will probably receive whatever money is left over to use on school-related expenses. So for example, your student account has a 0$ account balance; your student loan you've qualified for is $3,500. You will receive the entire amount of $3,500 to use on buying books, a laptop, supplies, and such things of that variety.

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