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Yes you can use private student loans for anything but be sure and pay your school expenses first! Federal loans normally don't cover all of your education expenses so it will be harder to use those!

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Q: Can you receive a student loan for off campus housing that does not have to be paid back until you are out of school?
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Is it legal to conceal a knife on school campus if your not a student?

yes its illegal either way if you are a student or not

Name the school with the smallest on campus student enrollment in the NCAA tournament?


Does Loyola Marymount have on campus housing for Spring?

On campus housing is always dependent upon many factors at any school so it is not guaranteed, but it is likely there will be some space due to drop outs and students going abroad.

What is the payment for money for school?

Loan payments are designated for approved courses and books. Often the student must seek employment to cover food, resident housing costs. Universities and colleges offer employment possibilities on campus.

What type of housing do junior colleges have?

You would have to look at each individual school. However, I can tell you that most community colleges do not have on-campus housing. They are considered commuter colleges.

Can student loans cover off-campus housing?

Student Loans Covering Off-Campus HousingStudent loans are to be used for Cost of Attendance, which can include off-campus housing and living expenses. HOWEVER, your financial aid office at your school is the ultimate arbiter of what is legit. Most would agree that off-campus housing is legit. Now, I have heard tell of many things not-so-legit that student loan money gets used for. Sure, they cut you a check for the extra leftover money and how can they really know...? But be warned that if they find out you are doing something less-than-legit with loan funds, you might find yourself with your loans "decertified" and unable to get more. Not worth messing up your education to use loan funds to buy something inappropriate. The other thing which needs to keep in mind is to take a suitable loan for you that can offer you extra benefits in terms of interest rates, pay off period etc.

What are the requirements for a student to receive an Apple computer discount?

The requirements for a student to receive an Apple computer at a discount include being enrolled in a university or school. Teaching staff and professors working for a university and school are also eligible for student discounts.

how to apply for federal grants towards school,housing,and food?

i would talk to my student adviser and also talk to my finacial office to see if they can rool the cost of housing into your student loans.

What is the highest diploma a high school student can receive?

Advance diploma

Function of campus paper?

The function of a campus paper is to provide experience to the students operating the paper. This is in addition to keeping the student body informed of current events as they relate to the school.

How do you get In School Suspension?

A student will receive In-School Suspension if they have disrupted the class and become disorderly. They may also receive it if their behavior will affect others in an unsafe manner.

What can you do with your student ID card?

You can open some doors to your campus, you can get things from your campus library, you can buy school lunch, you can get free tarc bus rides, and you can get $2 off at your local movie theater.

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even though i am in middle school, i would say no... just because you are from a different school, doesn't mean u cant b there

Is Kent middle school as good as campus middle school?

campus middle school is much better

What is the percent of people who live on campus at fashion institute of fashion design and merchandising?

That's a great question! Because there are so many housing options, I do know that a lot of students have roommates in apartments and I do know that FIDM has the same set up because they don't have any on campus dorms. In my opinion, FIDM's housing is better than my college or any other school for that matter but to answer your question, I'm not sure the percentage of FIDM students who live in student housing but I do know they're furnished AND it's a great way to meet new friends :)

Is the largest high school in Alabama Enterprise High School?

No. That would be Hoover (campus size) or S.S. Murphy (Student body size). The 32 largest schools by student body size are AHSAA class 7A (

How long do you have to stay in student housing at embry riddle aeronauitcal university?

During your first year as an undergraduate student at Embry Riddle it is required by the school that you stay on campus and participate in a meal program. This is so that your transition into the college life is smoother. After your first year should you choose to move out, or buy your own food whatever the case may be you are free to do so.

Where can you find a Elizabeth Pinkerton middle school campus map?

You can probably ask one from a teacher or the Student Services would be glad to help you. :)

How many students live on campus at Full Sail University?

Full Sail University does not provide any on-campus housing. There are a number of apartment complexes in the area, and the school can provide you with information on each complex, as well as connect you with roommates.

If you got an student loan and your account have no balance do you get the money back?

Depending on your school's financial aid policy/ies, if you owe no money on your student account for tuition, fees, housing, etc., then you will probably receive whatever money is left over to use on school-related expenses. So for example, your student account has a 0$ account balance; your student loan you've qualified for is $3,500. You will receive the entire amount of $3,500 to use on buying books, a laptop, supplies, and such things of that variety.

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