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What POSSIBLE motivation would the bank have to give you the title? Charging off the loan is their way of letting the investors know that they never expect to get the money back. They consider you a deadbeat and a cheat so it's higly unlikley that they will be doing you any favors.

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Q: Can you receive the title if the bank has charged off the loan?
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Bought a car out of state but loan is with your bank Who receives the title?

The bank receives the title until the loan is paid. If the loan is paid off then you receive the title.

What can you expect to receive from the bank after they receive the last payment and is there anything you need to do to prepare for the last payment?

You should get a TITLE if the loan was for a vehicle. Prepare? Make sure its paid.

How do you get your car title from Bank of America?

The only way to get your car title back from the Bank of America is to pay of the loan that the title is collateral for. If the loan is paid off, they will send you the title in the mail.

Does the bank need a copy of the title when applying for a loan?


Can you sell a vehicle if you have the title but the loan is through a bank n you still make auto loan payments?

If you still owe the bank, then the bank should be listed as a lien holder on your car title. In effect, they own the car, not you. If you were using the proceeds of the sale to pay the car off, then you may be ok. Check with your bank. Otherwise, you could be violating the law by selling their collateral. They could sue you and have you charged with a crime.

Your son gave you a truck as a gift you are on the title vehicle is insured and registered in your name He is in default on his loan Can the bank repossess your vehicle?

If there is a loan against the car then the bank is on the title and they own the car, your name would be on the registration but not on the title, so yes they can repo it. If you have the actual title in hand then their is no loan on it and you own the car.

How does one receive bad credit for a bank loan?

One generally doesn't receive bad credit for getting a bank loan. A bank loan can be denied though, if one has bad credit. Bad credit can occur if one does not pay credit card bills on time.

If you have a car returned to the bank will it hurt your husband's credit if he is not on the title or loan?


Can you go to jail for closing your bank account on a payday loan company?

Can I be charged with bank fraud or any other criminal offense for closing an account on a payday loan?

What happens to the title after a car loan is charged off?

After you pay off a loan, the title is usually sent to you, and leins are dropped. This will vary from instance to instance though. Ask your loaner.

What do you do if you lose the title to your car and it has a lien on it that you are default in?

You didn't have the title to begin with. The loan company or bank does. So, you didn't loose it, but you may loose the car since it is in default . The loan company/bank owns the car, not you.

Who is resposible for the loan if the title is in the deceased name only?

The estate is responsible for the loan. If it is not paid the bank will take the property.

Do you have to continue paying a car loan if you receive a clean title with no lien holders?


If you have a bad payday loan can you still receive a car title loan?

yes if you are lucky enough. I guess nationwide car loan executives are very smart enough to give you car title loan even if you are having bad payday loan.

Will an American Bank gives loan without job?

The simple answer is no. You must be employed to receive a loan from a bank as otherwise they have no proof that you will pay it back. Hope this helps.

Duties of loan department at bank?

The duties of the loan department of a bank are: a. Receive loan applications from customers b. Process and evaluate loan applications c. Approve/Reject loans d. Plan monthly repayments for loans and intimate the customers e. Receive monthly loan repayments and consolidate them f. Identify potential loan customers and service them

What happens when a Bank loan is charged off?

It will show on your credit report where your bank loan was "Charged Off". This means the bank wrote off the money and gave up on collecting it. However they can sell that debt to a collection agency to try and collect it. It will show on your credit report for 7 years.

Is there a way to trade a car when the owner does not have the title?

If it's just lost, you can ask for a replacment. If a bank is holding the title as security for the loan, you'll have to work that out with the bank.

Is a bank overdraft better than a loan?

yes, because in OD LIMIT interest is charged on closing balance means on that we have used and no fixation of installments. But in case of LOAN interest is charged on the whole amt of loan and repayment of loan periodically is an extra complication.

Where can I find a quick auto loan?

You may be able to receive an auto loan through a bank or savings. The government may not provide you with an auto loan.

Do you get the title to your car if you have a loan on it?

No. You don't get the title to your car until any loans against it are paid in full. <><><> In several states, you will get a title document- but it will show the loan company or bank as a lienholder. That title cannot be transferred to someone else until the lien is satisfied (loan paid off)

Can you get a title loan on a salvage title?

Most banks or independent title loan companies will NOT give you an AUTO loan or consider the car as collateral on a Salvage title car. Some dealerships have been know to sell salvage title vehicles and submit the title for a loan, unbeknownst the bank or the vehicle's owner. This is not illegal in some states. Always ask to see the title when purchasing a used car from an unknown dealership.

If you purchase a motorcycle through a delaership and get a loan from a bank then pay off the loan with a balance transfer to your own credit card bc the is less-who gets the title?

You get the title

What if your father died leaving a very small balance on a car loan The bank is requesting the loan be paid off before it will release the title Is there anything you can do to get the title released?

Pay off the loan. Ypu may even take out a new loan in your name, and use that money to pay off your father's loan and get the title.

The bank charged off and never repo'd the vehicle It's 4 years later you want to charge them the 35 dollar a day storage fee for 4 years Will they settle it with just sending you the title?

They charged off the the loan on the vehicle as a bad debt. They did not actually own the vehicle, you cannot charge anyone storage fees for defaulting on a loan. They will only send you the title when you settle the debt. If at all.