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If you are in dallas proper, no. BUT if you can venture north a piece..I broke down in denton around 1 a.m. and was towed to a place in Gainesville, had to leave my firebird there with a note and expected to get ripped off. I called the next day and the guy told me it was done, charged me for 15 minutes of labor because he figured the problem out in 1 and took about 14 to change the part (difference between "Mechanic" and "Service Tech"). The place was Kings Garage, that was about 15 years ago, so hopefully still a good, honest place..

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โˆ™ 2012-12-18 01:58:21
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Q: Can you recommend a reliable car repair shop in Dallas?
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There are lots of great, reliable small appliance repair shops in the D.C. area. I suggest American Appliance Repair, which you can look into at its website:

What car shop in Dallas, Texas can repair damage to my rear bumper?

There are many auto repair shops in Dallas, TX and the surronding areas that will repair a rear bumper. The best shop will be dependent upon your car, and your location in Dallas, TX. The most common repair shops in the area are Service King Collision Repair, and Sterling Automotive.

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Pardon me, but I recommend that you beware of this repair shop.

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no!!! bring vehicle to a reliable auto repair shop.

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dugats auto repair shop is located on 125 Virgie Rd Lufkin, TX 75904

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Quick Fix Reliable Rapair

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National Tire & Battery is a reliable place that will change your transmission fluid for you. They can also test your transmission fluid to let you know if it needs changing.

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JP Importz located in Garland is by far one of the least expensive and best Lexus Toyota repair facilities in town. Go to and check out the reviews... they have an excellent reputation. Web address is Good luck! Mike

do you have a repair shop?

Do you have a repair shop?

Where in Amsterdam NL can you find a good computer repair shop for Macs?

There are numerous Mac retailers in Amsterdam (See links below) who, if not doing repairs themselves, could probably suggest a local reliable repair shop.

Radio has crackling sound from speakers?

Your speaker has probably blown, I recommend going to a repair shop and repairing it.

Where can I find home appliance repair online?

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What auto shop in Dallas, TX will repair my tire for little, or no, cost?

If you have a warranty with the auto shop you purchased your tires at then that will be your cheapest option. If you do not have a warranty then Discount Tire is the cheapest option to repair your tire. They can be reached at 877-788-1119.

Where can I find a reliable windshield repair and replacement?

There are many online shops that provide windshield repair and replacement services. is one of online shop that provides windshield repair and replacement services. You can visit

How do I repair a cracked car window?

You can purchase a repair car window kit that has the instructions on how to fix your crack. If you have insurance however, I would recommend getting a repair shop to fix it since it is covered on your isnurance.

Where can I find a reliable and good value auto repair shop in Portsmouth?

If it is just the wiper itself, and not the motor, you should be able to repair this yourself. There are online instructions on how to perform this work rather easily.

What is causing the TCS light and Check Engine light to come on?

Have vehicle scanned at either auto parts store or reliable repair shop

Where is the repair shop in Sims 3 Ambitions?

There is no repair shop in the Sim 3.

How do I get a windshield replaced?

The best place to go get a windshield replaced is at your local repair shop. Now a days you can find reliable mobile auto glass repair which is convenient for most people because they come to you.

Where can I find a highly rated auto repair shop in Dallas, TX?

You can use the internet to search for a great auto repair shop in Dallas, TX. You could also use to find autoshops. You can use the yellowpages also. Hello Welcome! Any repair shop that has A.S.E. mechanics working there will be ok to go to. A.S.E. stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence If the shop you go to has this type of mechanics you will be safe Im into my 30Th year as a A.S.E. mechanic and we go to school every 6 months to know how to fix your cars

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Where is there a good repair shop?

The best way to choose an auto repair shop is to look up different shops and possibly ask your friends and family if they have been to it or recommend it. Then make sure to go to the repair shops before making a decision, ask for quotes and make sure they are certified. Also they may have other repaired cars on the lot or in the shop so you can see the kind of work they do.