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Do you mean dismissed?? or discharged?? Dismissed--you didn't do the bankruptcy and there are credit problems. You could possibly refi depending on your scores--You will need scores 500 and above and EQUITY in the property in order to refinance. Most times if the lender will refi--it is usually at 75% LTV (loan to value). In other words, the lender will only use up to 75% of the value--no more. Discharged-- usually it takes 2 years before a lender will refi the loan. Although again there are lenders that will depending on scores, downpayment money and the explanation as to what happened.

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Q: Can you refinance your house after being dismissed from chapter 13?
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What do you have to do to refinance your mortgage?

You have to go to the bank that has the loan on your house. They will have you fill out a bunch of paperwork. After that they will refinance your house.

Where can you refinance if you had a chapter 13 that was dismissed and have your late mother's debt on your credit report causing liens on your house?

There are many lenders including FHA that you can do a refinance through after or even during a chapter 13. With FHA from the time the chapter 13 is intituted the owner of the property must make on time payments for one year. During the chapter 13 the new loan amount must equal the present payment. As for your mothers debt if the home is liened they must be payed off at closing unless you can go to court and prove the creditors had no right to lien the property. A very expensive and time consuming proposition.

Can I refinance my mortgage if I have low equity in my house?

Yes it is possible to refinance your house if you have low equity. But you must have at least 20 percent equity before your refinance will be apporoved.

Does the bank have to refinance you if you file a value of collateral in a chapter 7 for what the house is worth?

No, it does not. But there may be a change in the law allowing a "cram down" of mortgages, as there used to be in bankruptcy.

How do people refinance there home loans?

My parents have had to refinance due to the monthly payments being unreasonable for the income. Refinancing is done through the bank. They come out and evaluate how much the house is worth and suggest options on payment.

Can a husband refinance a house in California without his wife being involved in the payment of the loan but still stay on the title?

She will have to "quit-claim", come off the title of the home. An attorney will do this for you. But as soon as you refinance, she can be placed back on the title.

Why do people Refinance a house?

People refinance a house because they need money quickly. They might need money for a sudden illness, unexpected home repair or job loss. They also might refinance if the interest rates are low enough.

What if a husband refinance a house with out his wife?

If the wife does not have her name on the morgage can the husband throw her out of the house with nothing ?

What kind of loan do you get when you refinance your house?

u get a pot load of money

How can a person get a refinance mortgage?

An individual can get a refinance mortgage on their house by applying from one. Not everyone would be accepted though because their are some qualifications.

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Princeton Chapter House was created in 1909.

When was Andover Chapter House created?

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