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just use bleach

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Q: Can you remove color from curtains?
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What color curtains for sky blue walls?

Sky blue curtains

What color curtains go with dark purple walls?

Lavender curtains would go best.

Which color curtains would match pink color wall?


Where can curtains for a lounge area be purchased by color?

Target has great curtains for any occasion. JCPenny also has many curtains available with a variety of colors.

What color is Bella's curtains?

Her curtains are light blue, you can see it when charlie brings Bella up to her room in the beginning of the movie.

Who makes curtains that can be dyed to any color?

Any curtain that is 100% cotton can be easily dyed to any color in your home. Curtains with a mix of cotton and synthetic fabrics can also be dyed, but will not absorb color as easily.

What color are the Simpson's curtains?

The Curtains that we see most often are the ones in the Kitchen. They are yellow, with corn cobs on them. There are also curtains in the living room, but they have never been prominently featured.

How do you remove dog urine from curtains?

Dog urine can be removed from curtains by soaking them in vinegar and baking soda. It absorbs the odor and removes the stain.

What is the best way to get dust off of my curtains?

You should go online and read about your specific curtains, or find the tag if it is still intact. Most curtains are machine washable, and this is the best way to remove dust.

What color curtains with black walls?

Black walls will provide a dramatic contrast for almost any color of curtains. For a sophisticated look, you could pair your black walls with curtains in a neutral tone and a natural texture. For extra drama, you could choose curtains in a saturated jewel tone (red, blue, green, or purple). Or, for a modern monochromatic look, you could look for a patterned black and white window treatment. Consider what other furniture you will have in the room when deciding a color scheme for your curtains.

What color of curtains go with brown and turquois furniture?

Preferably a curtain that contains both brown and turqouise on it. Or to add a hint of fancy, black curtains.

How do you remove cooking oil from velvet curtains?

Hire a professional, and they would know what to do.

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