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I have the same trouble with my 95 pasant wagon with vr6 the book said remove the dash and steering wheel, this is nuts and their should be a better way. I solved the trouble with Bars Leak for about 90 days but now I must replace the heater core.


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The heater coil and a heater core is the same thing. Hot water circulates from the engine and through the heater core then back to engine generating heat for your heater system.

Your heater is powered by your heater core. Your engine coolant runs through your engine gets hot, runs through the core heats the air, then back out to radiator. You probably need to replace your heater core.

Yes it will, engine coolant still flows through it when engine is running.

Behind / below the glove compartment area inside a plastic case . You can see where the heater hoses connect to the heater core at the firewall in the engine compartment

Behind the glove compartment area inside a plastic case . From the engine compartment you can see where the two heater hoses connect to the heater core at the firewall

The heater inlet hose on a Hyundai Accent is in the back of the engine compartment. It goes through the firewall to the heater core.

The engine coolant flows the engine, and becomes warm. The warm fluid then goes through hoses into the heater core. The blower motor pushes air through the core, letting the now warm core heat the air.

If your heater core is LEAKING engine coolant so that your engine coolant level drops too low or the engine coolant is lost completely and causes your engine to overheat then your engine can be damaged beside the mess the leaking coolant makes inside your vehicle ( you might be able to just temporarily bypass the heater core so that no engine coolant is flowing through the heater core )

In line on the heater hoses on the passenger side of the engine. Has a small vacuum line to it and both heater hoses go through it. The heater hoses are smaller than the radiator hoses and go through the firwall.

Its under the cowl in engine compartment (close to windshield) in one of the heater hoses that leads to heater core. Black and white plastic with a small vacuum hose attached to the top.

Most (not all) cars are heated by the engine. When fluid moves through the engine it heats up. This fluid moves through the heater core, a fan moves air over the warm heater coils blowing warm air out to the cars cab.

The engine block heater cord, on a Ford Explorer, is located near the front grill. The cord can be extended through the bottom of the grill.

plastic cover for heater motor

The battery runs a fan that pushes air through the residual engine heat in the heater radiator into the car.

That is engine coolant rushing through the heater core. Things to check. Engine coolant level in radiator and if it's not low then the only thing left is the heater hose quick disconnect fitting in the intake. There is suppose to be a small plastic water restricter down in the bottom of the quick disconnect fitting that is designed to slow the water up before it goes through the heater core. If that restricter is gone then replace the quick disconnect fitting.

To bypass the heater core you need to remove the two water hoses going through the firewall from the engine compartment to the heater core and connect them together so that the water loops around back to the engine.

Behind the dashboard, usually on the passenger side. Look in the engine compartment for the hoses that go from the engine through the firewall. Those are generally the heater hoses, which go to the heater core.

The heater inlet hose on a 92 Geo Metro is located in the rear of the engine compartment. It runs through the firewall and connects to the heater.

The heater motor in your car can be accessed by taking off the long plastic panel that runs along the firewall from inside the engine compartment. Disconnect the battery before unplugging it. Below it is the resistor board that holds resistors for the 1 through 3 speeds.

It is at the dash board bottom just at the middle. You can see a plastic rectangle were the heater core is and at the right side are the pipes that goes to the coolant valve at the engine

It is in the engine compartment, up by the fire wall, left of the engine, on the plastic that covers the AC climate control system.

Your heater hoses are failing and they are located at the rear of the engine. They go through the fire wall into the heater core which is what the air blows through to heat the cab.

Drain all coolant from your system, disconnect heater core hoses from heater core in engine compartment. Remove the glove box, open plastic housing, and theres your heater core. No need to remove dash if only replacing the core.

The 2007 Ford escape engine block heater is located on the right hand side of the engine block. You can follow the block heater cord to the block heater.

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