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Can you renew a long-distance romantic relationship that ended six months ago?

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Depends on what you broke up over. If it was for another person, especially a cheating situation, its very hard to overcome the trust issue. Many other reasons can leave the relation-ship open for rekindling. Get all the old issues out in the open, resentment, grievances, hurt feelings, and then move forward. Long distant relationships are very hard because you have so much more to compete with when your not there for a hug, eye contact or just plain companionship. Good luck. p.s. why not keep it an open relationship that you can still date other people where you live and see each other as often as possible. That works too and your not limiting yourself if someone else comes along that has was it takes.

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yes, if your romantic relationship with the previous Sim has ended.

What does it mean when a guy says he broke up with his girlfriend 4 months ago?

The relationship between himself and his girlfriend ended 4 months ago.

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I have had a complicated relationship with a girl for 3 years We've been best friends lovers and enemies She ended months of not talking to me and we are retrying the relationship Are we insane?

No, the both of u just enjoy the challenge

If you met your boyfriend 3 months after he split up with his ex and its now been a year into the relationship and he's still friends with his ex is it a rebound relationship?

well if its been a year into your relationship then he must really see something in you.And 3 months after a relationship ends its not a rebound, if it was about a week or two then yeah.Another thing and if it was a rebound he would of ended up with his ex again

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What is the meaning of the song Lacrymosa by Evanescence?

I think that the meaning of Lacrymosa by Evanescence is that someone ended a relationship with her, be it romantic, platonic or familial, and she's found that she's better off without them, and doesn't care if they think it's all her fault.

How do I avoid a narcissist man after I ended the relationship and he wants me back?

When you ended the relationship you hurt his pride not his heart (as he doesn't have one). He doesn't want you back to love you but so that HE gets to end the relationship. Don't communicate with him - at all.

What would you do if the person that loves you ended a relationship?

then they dont love you

What does the author choose not to reveal about Marcus and the narrator?

how their relationship ended

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Who played beniot on NCIS?

There were two benoit characters in NCIS. Rene Benoit the Arms Dealer and Jeanne Benoit in NCIS. Jeanne Benoit had a romantic relationship with the character Anthony DiNozzo. She starred in 16 episodes and in the end the relationship ended on a sour note when her father Rene Benoit gets killed and she breaks her relationship with Tony. Rene Benoit was played by Armand Assante and Jeanne Benoit by Scottie Thompson.

Who does miley cyres go out with?

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What was Venter most interested in?

publishing his data in academic journals. Just months after establishing the partnership, Haseltine set up his own DNA-sequencing program at HGSI. His relationship with Venter formally ended in 1997

Why do men say to a women when a relationship has ended no one will put up with you?

They are just mad it ended. Suck it up and move on.

Is joan baez married?

She WAS married to david harris but they ended their relationship.

Should you wish your exboyfriend happy new year?

The answer depends on how your relationship ended. If you are on speaking terms, then by all means, wish him happy new year. If the relationship ended badly, it is best to get on with your life and let him get on with his.

Can you get your ex back after 3 months?

Yes you can. But they obviously have to want you back as well. If the relationship ended bad the first time then a second try might not be a good idea. You just have to talk to your ex and find out if they still have feelings for you.

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