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Can you rent a game and install it on Xbox 360 and keep it without the disk?


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No, you would still need the disk in order to play the game. Installing the game into the HD only makes it perform faster.


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You can't, you need the disk to install the game.

When you install a game on the 360, you can play the game without the disk (with limited features). You CANNOT play Xbox Live either.

The only way to play without disk is: purchase the game on Xbox live marketplace, and then have it install in your hard drive and then, ale-hup, play it. If you have already purchase a game disc, awfully you will stick with it permanently unless you decide to buy the game again from xbox live

no. You can play games off his disk but you cant download it unless if you mean the install disk. But you would still need to play disk

If you have an Xbox 360, you can go to the game in the game library and then select "Install Game".

Yes, You need the disk and you cant use your friends disk and download it to your Xbox 360 it will say you need the disk in your Xbox when you play it.

Microsoft let you install the game to your hard drive to have better quality and more faster performance in the game therefore you still need the disc

Only if the game is downloaded from Xbox Live Game Marketplace. If you install a game with its disc it will play from the hard drive, but the disc is still needed for verification.

Install it from a different disk onto hardrive or xbox usb then you use the broken disk as a key to play it.

you can install games to make it load faster and the xbox would be quieter. but you would still need the disk to play the game

No, however you can buy the game from xbox live marketplace and the game will be on your hard drive

Yes, all you need to do is install the game on an xbox.

Yes, you can buy it without Xbox LIVE. You can find a disk based version at your local game store, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Go to Game Library on the dashboard and Select the game that you have in your disk tray. Then select Install Game and wait for the game to install, it takes around 10-15 minutes depending on the size of game!

The disks should be labled; disk 1 and disk 2. Insert disk 1. when it is done loading it should instruct you to put in disk 2. If the disks are not labled; one of the disks should have an install file, double click on it.

You would have to burn the disk image to the computer. After, extract the files from the disk image and install the game.

In general, no. You need the game disk to play an Xbox360 game. Of course there are games you can buy through the online marketplace, and some of those are the same games you can buy on disk. Obviously for marketplace games, you won't need a disk. The Xbox360 does have an "Install Game" option once you've inserted the disk. However, you'll still need the disk to play. Once installed, the game is able to load some features faster, but it does not eliminate the need for the disk. The other topic to bring up is console modification. Through a risky not-for-beginners modification process, it's possible to enable the Xbox360 console to play the games you backed-up to hard drive, without the disk. Be warned that modifying your Xbox will void your warranty, and may get you banned from Xbox Live.

you cannot install a game with two disks with only the first! all the data in on the second!

When the Xbox says install game it does not mean you are about to install the full game onto your hard drive. When you install a game on to your Xbox it's taking some of the game files and installing them to make the game run smoother and possibly look better.

No because the xbox has to read the disk for it to play. Even if you have downloaded it already. Alternative you can mod your xbox and load games on it if you have an hard drive then you can play your games.

You might be able to download it from the game marketplace, but other than that no.

This could be because: 1. Your hard drive is to full to even install the game 2. Your disk may be damaged or stratched

place it in the disk hole and it should install

Take it to a GAME store they will skim it

You can install Halo Reach to your hard drive like any other Xbox 360 game, however the game must be in the disk drive in order to play the game.(but if you have to put the disk its a waste of time to installing it)

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