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The evap coil can be changed. However, depending on what kind of A/C unit you are talking about, it might make more sense to replace the whole unit. Also, before you invest in the time it takes to do the work of replacing the coil, make sure the rest of the unit is in good condition.

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Q: Can you replace a rusted evap coil or should you just replace the whole AC unit?
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1999 7.4 Chevy wont start when damp?

You need to replace the Distributor cap and rotor. Be sure that the coil wire is not WHITE or RUSTED on the ends were they go in the cap and coil, If they are then replace the COIL and the plug wires too. Just be sure that you use Factory Parts not after market.

How do you replace the ignition coil on a Nissan pathfinder 1999?

you have to buy a whole distributor. coil is not sold by itself

When should you replace your ignition coil?

Replace it only if it becomes defective.

What is the cost to have a technician replace the evap coil?

for the cost of a coil you should replace the whole unit... An a coil costs me about 280 dollars and takes about 2 hours to correctly install and pull a vacume on...I can buy the whole airhandler...with heat pup and electric heat 10kw for 350 and can install it in about 2 and a half hours done correctly with a vacume and using duct mastic ...not foil tape....have a great day and good luck...Donald Unless it is a furnace, then there is no airhandler and the only option is a new coil.

Is it possible to fix a leak in your dodge durango 2003 evaporator coil. your dealer wants it to replace the whole thing Please advise?

The coil needs replaced.

How many coils on 1995 cavalier 2.2 engine?

I have a 97 cavalier with a 95 engine and i had to replace the whole ignition module and the coil packs are 1/4 and 2/3 that's how they are numbered on the coil packs so 2 coil packs but make sure you know which one isn't firing to replace them and u will have to replace you spark plugs after that.

How do you replace strut and coil spring on Nissan 300zx?

replace coil springs in a nissan 300zx

How do you replace a tachometer in a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

You have to replace the whole instrument cluster. Make sure you don't have a bad connection or a coil that is getting weak first.

When replacing the coil pack should you replace the plugs and wires?

You don't have to but it is recommended and a good idea to.

How do you replace the spring on an ignition coil rail assembly inside the plug boot 2000 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0 inline six?

I believe you have to buy a whole new coil rail.

I have a 1996 Chevy Tahoe - When it rains the SUV will not start What could cause this?

You need to replace the Distributor cap with a factory GM cap. be sure to check the coil wire where it goes into the coil, pull it out and it should be shiney on the end. If not replace coil and wire too. That will fix it.

Your wire to the coil is getting hot and melting points how do you fix this?

coil is shorting out , replace the coil.

Replace spark plug wires on 1999 grand marquis?

You should have C.O.P. ( coil on plug) there are no wires.

How you can replace rear coil spring on your camaro1995?

i need special tool for replace rear coil spring 1995 camaro?

Why wont your 1989 Chevy truck 350 not starting but has fire to coil but not to the distributor?

you have a bad control module, and check that coil resistance, cause they will fire but not how it should!! should be a good strong blue spark, if not replace it!

The coil keeps going out on a 1984 Chevy pu 350?

Next time you replace the coil, test and if necessary replace the resistor.

Why is their a spark at the ignition coil?

Replace high tension coil wire. Probably time to replace all the spark plug wires.

Should you replace front coil springs on 1997 Ford F150 when changing the shocks?

No , unless the spring is damaged

How do you replace front coil spring ford escort 98?

To replace the strut you have to jack up the car on the side you want to do and take off the wheel. Then, take it loose from the strut tower on the top. There are 3 or 4 nuts. Then take it loose from the steering knuckle on the bottom. The whole strut assembly lifts out. To replace the coil you have to have a strut compressor. It compresses the coil spring so the top of the strut can come off. Once the top of the strut is exposed the coil can be taken off the strut.

When it rains or has a heavy dew your 99 Chevy silverado will not start it turns over but wont start?

You need to replace the distributor cap and rotor with factory A/C delco parts. That should fix your problem. You may also need to check the COIL wire at the top of the coil. You can check that by spraying water on the coil with a water bottle and see if it starts. If it don't start then REPLACE the coil and coil wire.

Do you need to replace the wiring and the coil when you replace the spark plugs?

Probably not.

Where are the coil packs located on a 99' Olds Cutlass GL and are they easy for a do-it-yourselfer to replace?

The coil packs should be low in the front if you have a V6( just follow the plug wires). Yes, they are easy to replace on every vehicle I have done.

How do you replace ignition coil on 98 ford crown vic?

you have to replace your spark plug wires there is a coil on each wire for each cylinder.

What causes a coil to over heat?

I would say that nothing causes a coil to overheat except for a bad coil, replace the coil and see what happens.

How do you replace spark plugs in a 2.7L V6 Dodge Intrepid?

pull the coils out should be an 8mm bolt holding them in its an coil over system once coil is out get a long extension and you can remove them