Can you replant tomato plants?

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Cannot answer without a little more context to the question. If you are asking, can I transplant a tomato from one location to another, the answer is yes. You will have more success if the transplant is still a small seedling. Relocating tomato plants later in the season may affect fruit production, since you will be disturbing the root system which may require some recovery time before the plant will grow more.
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When to plant a tomato plant?

If you're starting tomato plants from seed, start them indoors under strong lights in a warm room 6 weeks before the last frost date for your area. You can find out the last frost date by contacting your county or regional agricultural extension office, or googling "last frost date" + (your)location ( Full Answer )

Is a tomato plant PH sensitive?

Tomato plants are sensitive to the pH levels in the garden soil. The optimum levels should be between 6-6.8

What is replanting?

Lifting a plant from a nursery bed and planting in its permanent home is one type of replanting. Another type is when a field is planted, but is lost early in the season due to flooding or other factors, and the field is planted again that same season.

Is tomato a plant or a fruit?

A Tomato is a plant and a fruit. If you are wondering about the controversy between fruit and vegetable, there is some discussion of that on this site, if you scroll down:

How big do grape tomato plants get?

20" tall is what I've read. I just bought some and put them in pots on the deck. I'm hoping they will only be 20" tall. to answer this for you, i have one plant in my garden , it is about 3 feet around and 25 to 30 inches high and going to yield about 40 to 50 tomatoes

Can tomato plants grow in sand?

Yes tomatoes can be grown in sand. However you will have to supply extra nutrients and water in order for them to produce tomatoes.

What needed to feed tomato plants?

Tomato plants are not picky eaters. However if you want to grow the biggest, tastiest tomatoes then you will want to use a fertilizer specifically formulated for tomatoes. Espoma makes a product called Tomato-tone that has been tested by universities as an outstanding tomato fertilizer.

What do tomatos plants need to grow?

Tomato plants should have at least 8 hours of sun each day along with 1 inch of water per week. The soil should have a pH level between 6.0 and 6.8.

Do rabbits eat tomato plants?

Not really, because the the tomato plant is poisonous to rabbits. All parts of the tomato plant are poisonous to bunnies (including leaves, vines, stems, etc.), except for the fruit. Wild rabbits may eat some of the tomato fruit, if it comes across any. Pet rabbits often enjoy a bite or two of to ( Full Answer )

How often do you water tomato plants?

Tomato plants that are planted in the garden should have a minimum of 1" of water per week. If the plant is growing in a container it should have at least 1 gallon of water per day.

What are Tomato plant catapillars?

They are called hornworms and turn into moths. These worms also eat eggplant lettuce etc. Hornworms have a sharp horn that is used for protection. These worms are green and very hard to see. To destory them, Hand pick the worms and cut off there horn. their green Blood will spill out but the birds w ( Full Answer )

No fruit on tomato plants?

You may have got a male plant. These plants do not bear fruit. They are grown to pollinate female plants. If the plant has flowers, the flowers are not getting pollinated to bear fruit.

Why doesn't my tomato plant have tomatos?

Conditions Are too Good The mostcommon reason why an apparently healthy tomato plant has no fruit,when growing outdoors, is that its soil is too fertile. Tomatoplants go to seed when they are stressed by slightly infertileconditions...liken this to cool-weather plants that must beprotected from he ( Full Answer )

When should you plant your tomato plants?

Tomatoes should be planted after all chances of frost are gone for your area. Your local extension agent would have the dates for your area. You can plant the seeds in containers inside the house in January. By April or May you will have nice sized plants to transplant into your garden.

Can you plant one tomato plant?

Yes you can only plant one tomato plant if that is what you desire. Tomatoes do not need another plant to pollinate, the bees will do all the work.

Why does your tomato plant have flowers but no tomatoes?

If the air is extremely still for weeks at a time, or you are growing tomatoes indoors, you can get blooms that do not "set" into fruit. This is because they are not getting pollinated. Tomatoes are self-pollinating, but they need at least a light breeze, or American-native pollinators to disturb th ( Full Answer )

When to replant your strawberry plant?

You can replant a strawberry plant any time during the growing season. Just make sure you pick off all the blooms that appear on the strawberry plant.

When do you plant beefsteak tomatoes?

Beefsteak tomatoes are no different than other types of tomatoes when it comes to planting time. It all depends upon your hardiness zone. I have included a link for you to find yours.

When is it best to plant tomatoes?

It is best to plant tomatoes when all danger of frost in your area is past. Either plant starts from your local garden shop or start seeds six weeks prior to last frost inside. As you set either out, harden them off by introducing them to the outside conditions a little at a time. If you have them p ( Full Answer )

How far apart are tomatos planted?

Tomato plants should be planted 36-60" apart from each other. If you plant them closer it increases the risk of disease.

How do you stake tomato plants?

Do not buy the flimsy cone shaped cages that are sold everywhere. Get some strong fencing material...I think it is called hog wire. Make a tube shaped cage, about 5 feet tall, and about 3 feet in diameter. Place it over the tomato while it is still small, and wait for your plant to grow and fill it ( Full Answer )

How do plant tomato plants in pots?

have nice rich soil, make it damp (spraying water) dont soak it though. DONT COMPACT IT. then poke your finger a half an inch in to the soil, then put the seed in the hole you just made with your finger. then cover it with dirt till its level with the rest of the dirt. spray a little more water. wat ( Full Answer )

What makes a tomato plant an heirloom?

Tomatoes are considered as heirlooms once they have been around for at least 60 years. many heirloom tomato plants have been grown for over 100 years. They must also be able to grow the same type of plant as the seed that was saved.

How do you plant tomato plants?

Get seeds and plant them or get the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. If you buy the plant in the store partly grown, bury 3/4 of the tomato plant underground. well most people buy them in little plastic pots and put them near a sunny window,then when there getting a little to big for the small pots you ( Full Answer )

What do you feed your tomato plants?

If you prepare your soil before planting season, there is not much you have to do to grow wonderful tomatoes. I turn my soil in February to kill off any larva the might be in the soil. ( Recommended if you are in an area where you get a hard freeze. ) Then around March or April, I turn in manure. ( ( Full Answer )

When to plant tomato plants?

If you plan to plant tomatoes, temperature is the first thing youneed to consider. You can start planting when thee temperature issteady at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the tomatoes have to startbearing fruit, its need to be warm as 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Aswith most of the fruits, sunlight is very ess ( Full Answer )

What are the best varieties of tomatoes to plant?

Tomatoes, like other foods are subject to ones taste buds. However many people will tell you that an heirloom tomato plant has much more flavor than say a hybrid variety. Plant a few different varieties for yourself and you will soon determine which ones you like the best.

Do slugs eat tomato plants?

yes. they do eat tomatose. i would suggest bug killer. but wash them off when you pick them

How do you grow tomato from a tomato plant?

Tomatoes are easy to grow from a plant. The main things the plant needs are good, loose soil, water, sunshine, and more sunshine. A great way to get good soil is to throw your autumn leaves onto the ground where you plan to plant the tomato. Leave the leaves there all winter so that their nutrie ( Full Answer )

How many tomatoes can a tomato plant produce?

it depends on the plant and how long it grows for but a healthy tomato plant will continuously produce fresh tomato's as long as the plant is properly taken care of and it is possible for them to live for mutable years in green house's.

Why tomatoes plants don't produce tomatoes?

If your tomato plants are not producing anything (except blossoms), you might have a pollination problem, or you might have planted seeds from a store-bought tomato that have been cross-pollinated and are more or less sterile. This presumes that they are blossoming but are not producing fruit. I ( Full Answer )

Can you plant a tomato and it will grow?

Tomatoes contain seeds which if planted will grow another tomato plant. A few varieties have been hybridized so their seeds may not grow the same type of tomato but almost all seeds will grow under the right conditions.

When to water tomato plants?

Just don't let them dry out!! keep moist and fertilize every 2 weeks with acid fertilizer. keep adding dirt to bring level up on stem for more root growth! Enjoy!

Is tomatoes a plant or a tree?

Im not an expert but im pretty sure a tree is a plant...but i know what you mean. Im guessing a tomato is a bush because the actual tomato is considered a berry, So I would say it is a bush or a shrub. I dont think it would be a tree because they dont get that tall. Tomato plants are actually vines ( Full Answer )

What is replantation?

Replantation refers to reattachment of a completely severed part, meaning there is no physical connection between the part that has been cut off and the person.

What compost can be used to replant a ficus plant?

A general purpose compost and soil potting mix or a vermi-compost can be used to replant a ficus plant. The woody plant in question may be found as a popular indoor plant. It will be convenient to use dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich compost broken down in a kitchen counter-located contai ( Full Answer )

How do you pluck a tomato plant?

You pluck a tomato plant like any other plant. You take the ripe ones offe the branch by lightly yanking on the fruit. Try not to break the branch off and keep the little green leaves on the the top of the tomato on until you need to cook the or eat the tomato.

What are the bugs in your tomato plants?

Aphids, they can be many colors, most commonly the green color of tissue. They are piercing sucking insects like mosquitos, they do no chewing. The can seriously weaken a plant as they extract the food that's being manufactured. They process and exude (or 'poop') the excess moisture into tiny drops ( Full Answer )

How many tomatos grow on a tomato plant?

The USDA says that the average is around 15 pounds. However thisnumber ranges a lot depending on how good your soil is and whattype of plant you're planting. In general - if a plant is fed well it can do 15-45 pounds. If it'sspecial types it can grow 100+ pounds (but that world recordrange).