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You CANT legally. She could report it STOLEN if you did. Best thing to do is contact the LENDER and assure them that YOU will make the payments IF they will repo it. AND get the registration out of her name. They can do that AFTER repo. Good Luck and MERRY Christmas.

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Q: Can you repo a car if you signed the loan but your ex-spouse is the only name on the registration and she is not making the payments?
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Your ex-boyfriend and you bought a car and he is not making the payments. The registration contains both names. Is it legal for you to go get the vehicle and begin making the payments yourself?

I once had a rooster named Smokey and I co-signed to get him a Power Wheels truck, you know, that Escalade deal. Well Smokey didn't pay the note but he got all the chicks! Ha Ha

Can your loan be in default if you are making your payments on time but have failed to insure the vehicle or provide information to the loan company?

Yes. Making payments on time is only one of several things you agreed to do when you signed the loan papers.

Co signed for a car for your grandson and he is not paying If you stop making payments will your credit be affected?

Yes. When you co-signed the loan you made yourself legally responsible to pay the amount due if your grandson failed to make the payments. You are as responsible as he is for paying the loan.

How can you use the word registration in a sentence?

I signed up for cooking class at the registration booth

Can you take possession of a car that you co-signed for if the primary is making the payments?

NO. Cosigning means the person is promising to be responsible for the debt if the primary borrower defaults.

Can you return your car and have no consequences?

If you're making payments you signed a contract. When you return your car you've broken your contract. Yes there is consequences when you break a contract.

What do you do if you co-signed for a student loan for your son-in-law who has not been making his payments and you are picking up payments when they go to collections?

Keep paying the loan. You co-signed in trust, and he broke that trust, but you're still legally bound to pay that loan. For payback, family holidays are a good time to bring that stuff up.

You bought a car someone else is making the payments and has defaulted on the loan can you get this off your credit report?

The car, regardless of who's making the payments, is your responsibility. You bought it, you're the owner. This is why it's not wise to buy such large items for others and then assuming they'll make good on the payments. If you have a written agreement with the other person that states they're responsible for payments, you could sue them to collect, but as far as lenders and your credit are concerned, the car belongs to you.

If you are the co-buyer and you are the one making the payments can the buyer take your auto away?

Cosigning for ANYONE is one big mistake. If the person you cosign for is not making the payments then the person that cosigned is responsible for all payments. I have no idea why anyone would want to do this. Unless there were stipulations in the contract you signed with the buyer, then no, they can't just up and sell the car. Take another look at your contract. Marcy

Can someone garnish a cosigner for a car and garnish the primary also?

In the State of Texas, the answer would be "YES" as both parties signed for the car loan and both are responsible for the balance due. I was the primary signor but the cosigner had the car and was making the payments. Then she stopped making payments after owning the car for 3 years and the car was repossessed.

In a repossession do you have to pay off the entire car right then or just keep making your loan payments monthly for the duration of the loan?

It would depend on the contract you signed when you purchased the car.

In Texas what rights do you have if you sold a car to a friend who stopped making payments per a signed contract if the title is still in your name?

The title is in your name, so you hold all the rights.

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