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You can request and ultra sound at any point. Often doctors advise certain procedure as needed. If you feel you would like to have an ultrasound discuss this with you doctor. Most doctor care about your concerns very much. Never be too shy to explain your concerns to your doctor. He or she is their to provide a service to you that should meet or exceed you expectations.Communication is a large part of his job. Now about your period, I dont know how pregnant you think you may be. However women can have a period and be pregnant. when you menstrate you are shedding the lining of the Uterus. at early stages of pregnancy it is possible to have a period. Also understand there are things that can give you false signs of pregnancy. The best way to determine your condition is to consult your doctor.

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What are some of the risks involved in having a pregnancy ultrasound done?

The risks of having a pregnancy ultrasound are minimal compared to the benefits. The ultrasound is not an invasive procedure, but can provide a good picture of how the baby is developing.

How will i know am having twins in my pregnancy?

Through an ultrasound.

During pregnancy how do you know if you are having a boy or a girl execpt from ultrasound?

Gender can usually be determined around 20 weeks into pregnancy with an ultrasound.

How do you know if im having an ectopic pregnancy?

Only an ultrasound will tell you for sure.

How can you tell if you are pregnant or not without taking a pregnancy test?

By having a ultrasound scan when you are over 6 weeks into your suspected pregnancy. Or by having a blood test.

How do you determine if your having H-mole pregnancy?

An ultrasound would reveal an H-mole pregnancy. They are very rare.

How can we know the gender of the baby during pregnancy?

Either by having an ultrasound scan, or by having the amniotic fluid tested.

How do you know if your having a boy or girl?

the sonologist can tell you about 12 weeks into your pregnancy at an ultrasound.

How can one tell how far along they are in pregnancy?

One can tell how far along they are in pregnancy by having an ultrasound. An ultrasound measures the fetus and then compare that measurement to what an average fetus is. If it matches to a 3 week fetus it means that one is 3 weeks into pregnancy.

What all is involved with having an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scan requirements vary depending on the type of ultrasound. For example, for a pregnancy ultrasound, the woman is expected to drink 4 glasses of water and not relieve her bladder for an hour before the scan.

How early can you tell if your having triplets?

With a dating ultrasound done in early pregnancy, about 5 to 6 weeks.

What are some of the reasons your docotor orders an ultrasound in pregnancy?

The most common reason for ultrasound in early pregnancy is to determine how far along you are and figure out a due date. Later pregnancy ultrasounds are usually just routine to make sure everything is normal as the baby grows. Most commonly, a doctor will do a 20 week ultrasound where they will do all of their measurements and make sure everything is developing normally, and tell you the gender if you would like to know. After the 20 week ultrasound, unless you are having complications, it is unlikely that you will get another ultrasound until towards the end if the pregnancy.

Hi am first month pregnant but having severe pain on both sides of your lower abdomenmy doctor advised you for ultrasoundis it safe to go for ultrasound in the initial stage of pregnancy?

Yes, it is very safe to have a ultrasound. Your known how your pregnancy is progressing via the ultrasound and you can also see your little one. Good luck but go for this ultrasound asap because pains need to be investigated.

I had 2 positive pregnancy tests and 1 negative and no signs of pregnancy on the ultrasound?

Interesting.. I've had the same thing happen to me (minus the ultrasound...) in getting several false positives. However, mine were due to having cysts on my ovaries- which are known for affecting the result of home pregnancy tests. If you're still uncertain, I'd try taking a blood test; it is possible that if you are indeed pregnant, the pregnancy is too young to be shown in an ultrasound.

Why was the Ultrasound scan invented?

it was invented so doctors could tell what stage of pregnancy a women is in... or if you are having problems with your abdominal area

How do you know that im pregnant?

You can only be certain that you are pregnant by performing a pregnancy test and having a ultrasound to detect the fetus. If you suspect you're pregnant, please perform a pregnancy test or see your Doctor.

Should you be worried if an ultrasound at five weeks only showed the sac and your pregnancy symptoms have stopped?

The only way to be certain is by having a blood test hun. It is possible for the embryo to not show up in a ultrasound until you are 6-7 weeks into your pregnancy but because of your pregnancy symptoms vanishing, I would be concerned and suspect a miscarriage. See your doctor for a blood test.

When should a transvaginal ultrasound see a yolk sac?

5-6 weeks, ultrasound machine quality and technician experience have alot to do with it also, if you are having your hcg levels checked between 1000 and 2000 is typically when the pregnancy is visible

How soon can you tell if having twins?

A multiple pregnancy can be confirmed by ultrasound as early as 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. Two sacs will be present.

How can you tell if you are having a phantom pregnancy?

A ultrasound can and your doctor can tell if you're having a phantom pregnancy. Pregnancy tests will be negative and there will be nothing to see on ultrasound. I think I am experiencing a phantom pregnancy too. My period was over a week late but it was nothing but a couple days of brown bleeding. Now I have sore breasts, fatigue, food cravings, extra vaginal discharge, and major bloating but 3 negative urine tests. I think the abnormal period made me believe i was pregnant so therefor my body started to believe it and gave me symptoms with no baby in the oven. That's a phantom pregnancy.

What are signs of having a boy in pregnancy?

if its a boy usually your stomach will sag more.There are no specific signs for that, it's all myths and old wives tales. You can sometimes see it on the ultrasound.

Can you find out sooner if your pregnant by having a doctor do a pregnancy test?

Maybe. A doctor can do a variety of tests, including urine tests, blood tests, and ultrasound. Sometimes a blood test will show a pregnancy that doesn't yet show up in a urine test.

How do you know you are having a boy?

The only way to know for sure is by having the ultrasound.

You are 11 weeks you have been having a brownish spotting when you wipe have an app for a ultrasound in 3 days does this mean you are having a miscarriage?

Unless anything drastic happens in the next two days, ask the medics when you go for your ultrasound scan. They will be able to assess your individual circumstances - it's always hard to advise on pregnancies at long distance, each pregnancy is different.

If you are bleeding right now but have symptoms of pregnancy should you get an ultrasound?

you should take a pregnancy test from a drug store...i don't really understand why you are having symptoms when you are menstrating....yeah ultra sound is unessasary for this problem,lets faceit,that would be a bit embarassing