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why not.

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Q: Can you return a leased vehicle after one day?
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What happens if a leased vehicle is in an accident?

If a leased vehicle is in an accident, the lessor has to notify the lease company, along with their insurance company. Sometime the lease company will have you go through your insurance for repairs, other times they send you to their repair shop (if they have one).

I have a friend whom has a Leased Vehicle they tried to repo her car because of ONE unpaid parking ticket?

The only way her vehicle can become repossesed is if she missed a payment.

How do you return a financed car?

I assume by "financed" you are NOT referring to a leased vehicle but one purchased with a new-car loan. I also assume the vehicle is still pretty new and has very low miles, which is why you mentioned "returning" it. Basically, you cannot return a vehicle. It's not like buying and returning merchandise from Wal-Mart. You must sell the vehicle. The dealer from whom you purchased it might be willing to buy it back, if it's like new, or perhaps you could trade it in for a different model.

Who believed that one day Quetzalcoatl would one day return?

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How can you find original contract information on a repossessed lease vehicle in Texas that has been re-leased to a different party?

One could contact CARFAX.

What is the return policy when you buy a vehicle with a credit card in pa?

There isn't one.

Where can one go to auto lease a vehicle?

You can lease a car from most dealerships. You can only lease new vehicles and not every vehicle is available to be leased. To lease a car you simply make a small down payment. Usually less than 20% of the cars value. Then you make monthly payments for the rest of the lease. When the lease expires you have to return the car.

What is a leased car?

A car that some one has hired

Can you return a used car after having it for one day?

NO. There is no cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile. This is a myth that will not die. Once you purchase a vehicle, it is yours. The only way you can return it is if the seller agrees. So politely ask the selling dealer.

If you are the primary insured driver of a leased vehicle what additional coverage do you need for one extra driver?

The extra driver needs to be added onto the insurance policy. Having someone drive a vehicle and not having them on the policy can be a large problem if an accident were to happen.

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