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Can you return a new truck without getting bad credit or getting into legal problems?


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2015-07-15 18:41:16
2015-07-15 18:41:16

Return it to who? The truck is owned by the bank or lending institution. Returning it to them would for sure ruin your credit with that bank. You will also be responsible for the difference in what the bank sells the vehicle for and what you owe. Don't do it. Let someone take over the payments if you are in a bind and are unable to keep up payments. Talk to the lending agency and work something out. It is very easy to ruin your credit and not so easy to repair.


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yes, if it's something they carry they will take it back. (If you used a credit card to purchase the item you want to return, they are able to pull up the sale information with the credit card).

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A credit return is when you get your funds returned to you after already paying for something. Credit returns are also sometimes called refunds.

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Yes, you can, if you're returing under a warranty. Warrnanties make you able to return the car whenever you want.

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No, it does not hurt your credit. No, it doesnt matter, when you return an item that you purchased on credit, they ask for your card and return the money onto your credit card!

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