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Return it to who? The truck is owned by the bank or lending institution. Returning it to them would for sure ruin your credit with that bank. You will also be responsible for the difference in what the bank sells the vehicle for and what you owe. Don't do it. Let someone take over the payments if you are in a bind and are unable to keep up payments. Talk to the lending agency and work something out. It is very easy to ruin your credit and not so easy to repair.

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Q: Can you return a new truck without getting bad credit or getting into legal problems?
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I have a car for 2 yrs now and is not fully paid but i want to return it will returning it affect my credit?

You can't just "return" a car. You can surrender it to the lienholder. This is called a voluntary repossession, and yes, it will affect your credit ... it's still a repossession, even though it was voluntary.What you could do without negatively affecting your credit is sell it or trade it in.

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Is there anyplace I can get a truck rental without a credit card?

It is unlikely you will be able to rent a truck without a credit card. The reason they take your credit card information is because they want some insurance you will return the car in good condition. If you don't, then they can charge you. You might try going in and seeing if you can place a deposit in cash, but it is unlikely that any place would accept such a reservation.

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A rewards credit card is a credit card that gives you rewards in return of making purchases with that credit card. You earn points when you make purchases with your credit card, which can be redeemed towards cash back, rewards, or other gift cards. There are many benefits to having a rewards credit card. However, the biggest benefit would be receiving rewards back, and getting free stuff of your choice.

Can a dealership take a car back due to non-approval after signing contracts?

Non-approval of what? The Car Loan? In that case, yes. If you have no means of paying the loan, credit rating wise, then the dealer certainly isn't going to simply let you keep it without getting paid in return.

In Michigan can a credit card company seize your tax return?