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Probably not unless it was something on the car that failed to work correctly and caused the accident. Your insurance should cover the car though.


There is no overall right to return or recind a car purchase contract. Once it is executed/completed it is done. Some dealers may provide the ability to return it as part of their agreement, however they likely have many fee's involved to do so...(as well they should: your changing your mind should cost you, not them).

In any of these types of car purchase/return questions - the first thing to do is look at is that stack of paperwork you got when you agreed to the know, especially the one you signed and initialed, probably several times, and likely has a big bold heading like "Contract for Sale and Agreement for Purchase". See what it says about ways and reasons you can return the car, required notices, rights to cancel, warranties, etc. This is what YOU agreed to. Not reading it (or saying you didn't understand it) - and now wanting it to be enforced only as to what you think you would have wanted it to be then...- that is just foolish. But, look at it, maybe there are grounds...

Once you bought it (you and them signed and agreed to the terms, conditions and did the work on the contracts and titles), it is yours now, (and for them to accept it back, you both need to do the same things...agree/conditions/titles/etc. again).

And even in the dealers where they advertise a return policy...better read the very least you will be expected to pay for all the liscence, sales, registration, paperwork, etc., fees, and probably something for the fact the car, once sold...even if never moved, cannot be sold as "new" law...New cars have favorable financing, rebates, some have non transferrable warranties on things, etc. they probably have some calculation for those costs. Rightfully, your the one who made a new car a used one.

The 3 day cancel frequently thought of is generally not applicable: Generally, the 3-day cooling off period applies to contracts signed in the customer's home - not at a company's place of business - for consumer goods worth $25 or more. And th contract must be pending…it can't be cancelled if the whatever was done….it is a right to cancel a contract…not reurn things…and the a car contract is no longer pending once you have the car and title…it is completed.

If this cancellation period applies, it should be stated in the contract.

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Q: Can you return a used car if you are in an accident only hours after buying it?
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