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Can you safetly remove the smog pump on your 1985 350 suburban without causing to many problems it is carborated. It is a heavy three quarter ton 350ci and it has no catalytic converters on it?

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2008-08-18 13:12:55

The pump is used to inject fresh air in to the exhaust system at

the catalytic converter. The goal is for the oxygen to react with

the catalyst and heat to burn up any unburnt hydrocarbons left over

from the combustion process. The catalyst in your 1985 Suburban

probably quit working about 15 years ago. Unless you replace the

converter the pump is having zero effect upon your vehicles

emissions. Considering your speaking of a 454 cubic inch engine

removing the pump will also have little effect upon your engine

either. It takes less than 0.125 horse power to turn it. My

suggestion is remove the 454 infact in this day and age I suggest

removing the Suburban if at all possible The savings in fuel cost

could net you a new car payment.

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