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there both the same


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Finished is a past tense verb, the base verb is finish.The future tenses of finish are:will + verb -- I will finish the painting verb + going to + verb -- She is going to finish her lunch verb + present participle -- The writer is finishinghis book this year.

"They" already finished the series.

Sagrada Família should be finished by 2026 i think.

Yes. Stephenie Meyer just says she needs a break from her Twilight world, but she definitely will finish it...sometime.

when is sabki laadli bebo going to finish

I think they started Shippuuden in the middle of the Naruto. But now Naruto is finished. Go watch Shippuuden.

It takes 3 to 4 months to finish one episode so probably by December or Janury episode 4 and the start of episode 5 will be finished (2009-2010)

The sentence, "They are going to the beach." is correct.

'Enrollment now going on' is correct.

I think that she is going to finish writing it after Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out!

I would like to know from which date maharashtra ssc board exams are going to start & when it is going to finish

Fernando Alonso finished 5th, largely due to a bad tyre strategy of going for a single stop.

Edward will not have his own version of New Moon because his book version of twilight which is midnight sun is not finished. Stephenie Meyer didn't finish it because it leaked on the internet, and she was disappointed, so she has not finished midnight sun.

No. The correct formulation would be "Where are you going skiing?"

Only one sentence is correct. The correct sentence would be "He saw me going there".

No,she wrote only half of the book but then it was published without her permission.So she is not going to finish midnight sun now,maybe a couple of years later

¿Cuándo terminarás?

it won.t it is to popular

If it is a question, it should be "Where are you going ?"

No it is not, "I started going to church" would be correct

The water temple is not the end of the game I wont spoil it but your nowhere near finished, after you get the last fused shadow the game really begins

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