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Can you see a wiring diagram for a 71 blazer alternator?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-19 15:03:25

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the library should have a professional shop manual available to make copies of the right diagrams...

2006-08-19 15:03:25
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Q: Can you see a wiring diagram for a 71 blazer alternator?
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There are two bolts on the bottom of the alternator that you can't see but you can feel them, these are the pivot bolts, remove them. Then remove the adjustment bolt on top of the alternator. Remove wiring from back of alternator. Reverse instructions for install.

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the alternator belt could be slipping so check the belt, the wiring at the alternator could be faulty do a check with a multimeter. open the alternator and check the diodes .apply battery power and see if the rotor still spins inside the stator see current output

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